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Review: McDROID


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McDroid is one of the most unique games I’ve tried this year so far! It feels like a game with such a variety of game styles; genres in just one game. I can’t find it hard to not like the game, as it’s a type of game I do enjoy playing. Its main focus is on building a team, defending our location in each level, like a tower defense style game. Yet, there is a twist in this game, it’s like at first we are trying to build a defense team to defeat enemies then we are also trying to put together this small farm.

On the other hand, each thing in this game has a purpose. The farming portion aids in one’s research for upgrades and the robot’s armor. While the defense team is being used to destroy the enemy bugs, which in return sets free these spheres of souls. Then they appear to turn into these butterflies and fly away once collected. Allowing us to obtain plenty of souls which turn into currency for purchasing new fashionable and personalizing styles for our robot. These could be items for the head, the body, or the bottom portion of the robot. The more money made by the more souls saved, the better the options.

First Impressions!

When I first played the game I felt that this robotic creature named McDroid, which is us as we play through each level. Looked closely to me like a spider, just that it has 4 legs, yet the manner in which it moves while walking. Not saying that this robot is going to be climbing walls during gameplay. It’s just the appearance, which I can’t get past the resemblance of a spider. Even more, the basket on its backside has a special purpose which isn’t just there for a look but provides us with a way to help harvest our food, such as these strawberries, which in return aid to buying equipment such as weapons and armor to build a terrific defense team in the game.

The purpose of harvesting is to obtain money for exchange once placed into the shuttle. In return, you may be able to buy armor and weapons to defend your shuttle and protect yourself from harm and of course losing. As with the many new worms and bugs that are encountered throughout these locations we land at. you are introduced to many scary and unearthly, but alien-like bugs that are more than the simple small worm or snail. They are ginormous and gruesome in appearance. Each with its own strengths, which is why we need to keep updating our abilities and style to have a better chance to defeat them as we move forward in the game.

Is The Game A Bit Too Confusing?

I honestly had never come upon a game like this. The game’s design is nice and yet the gameplay can be a little awkward at times. The levels are designed in some way that you are to work in these many different locations, protecting the ship; the shuttle by enemies causing damage. Basically, as the robot, we are in need of keeping the shuttle alive and safe by repairing any damage when it needs it. Otherwise, the other part of this game is to build a defense and get ready to battle!

It all begins with those seeds, small green seeds that you’ll find lying around, plant them and start to grow these berries for the shuttle. Each time you harvest the berries and bring them to the shuttle, you make money to buy armor and more defense weapons to use. It’s really an unusual mix in-game with the two, but as mentioned above, a bit interesting and even challenging to keep up with everything.

I think what confuses and makes the game a bit complicated is that it’s not just farming to earn new weapons and research for future defense weapons. It’s the souls that you release, in the form of these spheres that turn into butterflies once collected. Each enemy releases one as a reward for destroying them. This in return is used for accessories that also help provide a beneficial upgrade to the robot during gameplay, and a whole new style. I just think it’s so much you have to do at one time, it’s not too easy to keep on time with everything, if you forget one thing it may rot like the strawberries or if you don’t obtain enough it is a loss to what you can help earn for your robot.

I wish it was just a little less complex and a bit simple. don’t mind taking on the challenge, but you do have to remember everything that is needed to be done while being attacked with so many bugs, of all sizes at a time. Again, I can see having to protect the shuttle with a defense you would purchase with earned money and set up in the game. However, is it necessary to collect so many unique pieces to earn money for all different things, including these spheres that hold souls? I feel it could have been done a bit simpler than it is, and still be a great game.

Even though, this isn’t a big issue, since research is I guess the same thing as upgrading and learning something new after each level. Allowing for you to obtain a new weapon. The other issue is in combination with that is also earning these souls to obtain something totally different. Like an upgraded style that not only personalizes but adds additional power to our character, the robot. When everything is going on, enemies are attacking and our shuttle is crying for help. Well, it can be a bit difficult to farm, grab soul spheres, and fight off these bugs all at the same time.

Now even if there are these quite interesting weapons, I think my one fault I find is that it’s not touch screen or able to maneuver the aiming portion correctly. It just feels as if it’s not so easily able to direct one’s weapon to aim at the location you want it to. Instead, it is a bit of a pain to get it to be exactly aiming correctly, just wish the controls were a little different and the touch screen was an option too.

The last thing that is strange, you can make it out of the game even if the ship is on fire. It’s a bit odd, to see smoke coming from the shuttle or a bit of flame and it still being functional. At least, I guess you win no matter if it’s not in its greatest shape. The same goes for the graphics, it is odd the outer part of the world. You can fall down and land back in the world, even if there is just a big hold and nothing else to land on. I don’t know, I feel it’s incomplete or missing something, like instant death, remove some from our lifespan or even just remove that free space where you can fall down into it.

Although, it might seem quite difficult. I noticed that it’s not too bad after a while of playing the game. I think it can just get a bit difficult to see what’s going on with so much happening at a time. Especially, if the enemies are coming faster and there is tons of smoke, laser beams, and other weapons shooting at the same time. However, with a better plan of strategy, it would probably be less difficult to play and easier to maintain a great defense and organized regime.

Final Thoughts

I honestly think it’s a game I’m still trying to master. It’s a bit challenging and totally original from anything I’ve ever played before. Even if it is strange it’s hard to put it down, maybe that is what really hooks me in about the game. With so much going on in this single game, it really is a complex and challenging game to play. The more I play the game, the better and more I begin to understand.

Hence, I don’t think it’s going to be a game I’m going to give up on just yet! I may feel a bit confused, but when I play it a few times, even if it’s going back to the first few tutorial levels, I begin to understand the game and even upgrade my character to be stronger for the levels that require you to be a bit powerful. In addition to this, I’m going to say that even if I’m not used to the complexity of the game and don’t have the patience at times to learn so much at a time. Nevertheless, I will keep on proceeding and see if I can unravel the parts that I’m failing and being stumped at.


+ Entertaining and Engaging
+ Originality in Gameplay
+ A Bit Humerous
+ Creative Style and Graphics

- Had to Direct and Aim the Weapon
- A Bit Confusing at Times
- Inability to Move Through Weapons and Objects Already Claimed and Read About Them
- Graphics Outside the Main Area feels incomplete or lead nowhere

(Reviewed on Nintendo Switch Lite)
Natosha M
Natosha M
If it's a game filled with action, adventure, challenges, and a great story, you best believe it; I want to play it! I'm always excited to try something classic or original when it comes to a videogame.

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+ Entertaining and Engaging<br> + Originality in Gameplay <br> + A Bit Humerous<br> + Creative Style and Graphics<br><br> - Had to Direct and Aim the Weapon<br> - A Bit Confusing at Times<br> - Inability to Move Through Weapons and Objects Already Claimed and Read About Them<br> - Graphics Outside the Main Area feels incomplete or lead nowhere<br><br> (Reviewed on Nintendo Switch Lite)Review: McDROID