GamingReview: Addams Family Mansion Mayhem

Review: Addams Family Mansion Mayhem


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Do you have some room in your busy day to play a creepy and kooky game? Possibly one that includes a character lineup of a familiar cartoon cast? You’d probably know them better by their actual names which are Wednesday, Pugsley, Gomez, and Morticia Addams.

Well if you are looking for a fun and entertaining game that is full of action, adventure and even includes teamwork, you should try the Addams Family Mansion Mayhem. It’s a great resemblance to the cartoon version and most recent Addams Family movies. By the way, I hope you have all your fingers available because snapping the theme song would be lovely, but it is a bit hard while holding a controller to play the game.

What To Expect

Addams Family Mansion Mayhem is entertaining whether played alone or with a bunch of others, up to 4 can play. Furthermore, the game allows the player or players to choose to be any one of the four family members from the movie. Each choice of character can be chosen freely, no matter the number of players. Every character may appear different, as they are one of the four family member characters. However, no one has a better or a more powerful ability than the others.

Now for the game, there is one main goal, to save the house while discovering relics and solving puzzles to reveal some interesting facts about the family. Plus, this game is packed with so many different levels to play through. Each location can actually fit every player as they are quite large and spacious. Honestly, it looks like we got zapped by a shrink-ray machine and now we are smaller than the items we would use daily. It’s quite a unique view, no way to control the point-of-view, at least everyone can see where they are in the game with that much of a distant view.

This will be the same view while playing the mini-games option where you’ll play against friends or family members. It’s unique, but so is the Addams Family so a perfect fit! Of course, the strange and kooky design of the game continues throughout the many differently themed levels, which are super action-packed and adventurous. Fighting our way through and completing objectives per level. In addition to the game’s design and play, the music and sound effects perfectly fit the game, bringing that complete reminder that this is the Addams Family game.

The Good and The Bad

There are a few things about the game that I found to be a bit lacking. To start, the game after playing through the first few levels, felt more to be a fast game that doesn’t complicate or challenge the player too much. The levels are large and spacious as mentioned before, but they also aren’t hiding much that can’t be discovered easily. Not to say this is going to be the result for each player. Depending on who’s playing and if they play games very often, well that could determine fast and easy or long and hard it might be to play.

Additionally, with the many character option and the additional friend playing, you can easily gain more help and work together to find the way to obtain each level’s objective and complete the game a bit sooner. Nevertheless, I don’t feel that this game is meant to be that hard because it is for kids from 10 and older. So it could be simple for this reason, but I still feel that some 10year olds will want a bit more challenging levels or more to the game than what is given.

The second problem which stood out to me is that its view is way too far from the character. Gratefully, we can see everything in the levels, even the round light that surrounds the character, and can make it easy to know where we are located at all times. On the other hand, I wish we could have a bit of a closer view, maybe if just in the single-player mode. Don’t get me wrong, I am glad that the cameras can rotate and move automatically, so the player can just move with the character facing the right way each time. I just wish we can get a bit closer to the action.

This may be just a slightly negative feeling I have because the view is still great for a multiplayer view, with so many in the game at once. However, I think it could be zoomed in a little bit more when a single player is playing. Plus, the ability to see the scenes in the background just can be somewhat strange on a few levels. To also mention it’s not the place we move upon, that’s fine. It’s the surroundings or background location which is odd and maybe makes no sense if this is what the house appears inside to look like? I would think more of a realistic background than a mystical tan and white swirl design as one example. I feel that this could use improvement to fit the levels a bit more.

There is one last thing, maybe not very negative, but a personal wish about the music at the beginning of the game. I honestly wish the game had during the start-up; start menu the Addams Family theme song to play. I so wanted to snap my fingers and sing along. It’s something I’ve always loved hearing and listening to during the movies and it would be great to hear when the game started. It would really make me feel joy and bring excitement when starting to play the game each time.

Disabled Music and Speed of Gameplay is Quicker

Now, let us talk about the better features that made the game hard to stop playing. Especially during a snowstorm. First I want to start off with the variety of characters and their unique abilities. Just having a choice of characters that can provide some additional features of their own and abilities is quite interesting. You don’t get stuck with the same character, but instead a variety of characters unique to each other.

Another is that the level design is very interesting, and as I mentioned love the large view for a multiplayer option, seeing everyone and space to move around the level. Also, I do like that it’s simple for everyone to play without getting lost where to go next or feeling pressured to move quickly. Since there is no timed level in the game, but there are in the minigames. However, in the regular levels, there is no pressure to accomplish each level super quickly in a short amount of time. It’s very straightforward with some special areas to find special bonuses and discover mysteries. Some are quite puzzling, but as always makes for a bit more fun!

Also, the levels are filled with their own objectives to complete. Making it a bit more fun to play. So it’s not just the player or players fighting their way to the end. It’s more like the players trying to complete goals while finishing the levels. Oh, and the little mysteries of the Addams Family are while loading at the end or before the game. You will learn a little more about the characters and the house when you finish or start a game. It’s a few facts that come freely while playing. That also is kind of fun about the entire game!

In addition to the gameplay, I do love that the controller’s buttons are well taught at the beginning of the game. However, if you don’t even know the buttons, without playing level one. Well, you can easily figure out how to move the character, even if you forget! As it’s quite simple to pick up a controller, no matter if you start from the middle of the game or if you are just playing one level to help someone. It’s just that simple, perfect for everyone who wants to pick up the controller to play at any time!

One last positive feature that stood out to me, which is the multiplayer option. Playing a separate game option of different party-style minigames. This is something where you are free to jump and bump all over each other to win. The battle to win in these mini-games can be competitive and fun. A great way to break the boredom and play through some fun entertaining mini action games as a family or with friends.

I always love that ability to battle it out together and enjoy playing through games where you can see who has what it takes to win! It also is a great idea to play during a family or friends game night. Especially for my family, which we are all about games, and when it’s a video game we can play together more often by battling it out and seeing who will come out on top, as the winner!

Final Thoughts

This is such a wonderful game that really is great for kids and adults. It is so much fun to play with a group of people, friends or family and even by one’s self. Nevertheless, you can do so much with the many options to play. For example, the multiplayer choice gives you an option to play separate games to compete with 2-4 others. While, the single-mode is a game on its own, where others can join if they like.

In addition, with many other characters than one hero to be, you can play as any of the Addams and see what they can do and the unique ability they bring to the game. Play as one character throughout, play again as another. Same with the battling of minigames, try each character, and so on. It’s a game that isn’t difficult, just a bit easy but still quite entertaining and perfect for those who like to play a simpler, but fun game that can be fully -completed!


+ Fun Multiplayer MiniGames
+ Easy Character Control
+ Challenging Objectives
+ A Variety of Character Choices

- Distant Camera View
- Strange Background

(Reviewed on Xbox One)
Natosha M
Natosha M
If it's a game filled with action, adventure, challenges, and a great story, you best believe it; I want to play it! I'm always excited to try something classic or original when it comes to a videogame.

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+ Fun Multiplayer MiniGames<br> + Easy Character Control<br> + Challenging Objectives<br> + A Variety of Character Choices<br><br> - Distant Camera View<br> - Strange Background<br><br> (Reviewed on Xbox One)Review: Addams Family Mansion Mayhem