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Review: Art Sqool


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First off, I’m not impressed by this game. Maybe I was expecting a bit more of a professional skill-building, educational-style art game, which this is not! Nonetheless, it isn’t totally bad if the player is going to use it for a more relaxing, calming, and just doodling program that doesn’t aid to improve or work on building drawing, and painting skills.

Art Sqool as mentioned above is really nothing I was expecting. The game at least does revolve around its name, spelled differently of course, but we all know it means art school. Regardless, I feel it’s so badly designed that the game isn’t as cool or maybe the word I should be using is qool? I do want to apologize, as I know it sounds a bit harsh to judge a game on only a few bad features that I didn’t like. Since I wasn’t expecting the game to be played or appear as-is. Maybe it’s more for a younger crowd or those who don’t really care too much about accuracy, but it isn’t exactly what I would love in a game teaching art.

Now, to be honest, school hasn’t ever been a place I loved waking up early to attend. Some of the courses could be a bit boring, but there were always a few I did enjoy. One of these would include taking art. It helped me improve and inspired me to do more. Consequently, I feel like I still want to express a bit of joy for this game as it’s still something that encourages being creative. However, there are so many negative features that cut the game a bit short of perfection.

Let’s Begin

I wanted to start off by saying that the music and the sound effects, well they are a bit strange. It sounded a little off and not entirely a perfect match for what this game is about. Maybe it was meant to sound cool, but it sounds a bit spooky and awkward. In addition, the two main names of the game were just as strange, professor Qwertz and the character who we play throughout this game, Froshmin. On the other hand, it did rhyme during the game’s main theme song. I guess that makes all of it better?

Don’t get me wrong, I can deal with the unique names of the main characters in the game. For example, the professor is basically the keyboard’s top keys with a z, and a computer-related A.I. and Froshmin to me could be related to Freshman, which I’m guessing would make sense as it is suggesting the first year at art school. So, I have no problem with the unique names, just the music and sound effects could have been done a bit better.

Nevertheless, the game is something I’ve never played before. In return, it made me a bit more intrigued to understand what I’ll really be gaining from playing this game, compared to any other art-style game. Especially when there is a teacher, this is the trained A.I. known as professor Qwertz who is meant to teach you and push you a bit by scoring and grading your work. I’m sure this provides a bit more of a push to challenge the player. However, I wouldn’t pressure myself, as it’s not too hard to get a passing grade!

A Few Arising Problems

Some issues arise with the choice of console. When I was playing the game on the Nintendo Switch Lite, I feel as if the screen size takes away from the enjoyment or possibilities that develop during gameplay. If it was possibly played on the original console with a better screen, especially using the TV as a way to visualize the game, it would most likely be easier to see what’s going on. Additionally, I just found it to be hard to draw on the Nintendo Switch Lite’s Screen as it is very small. Plus, the controls are slightly tricky to operate in such a small window.

Additionally, I found another problem with the camera, in which the player has full control. The camera can be rotated all over freely, which is nice. However, when walking and rotating it together, it ends up being a little difficult. Froshmin, as a good example, was difficult to get him to rotate around to see his face, facing the correct direction. Especially, when moving side to side or back and forward. You still can move him, but it just looks so inaccurate when you want the character to look like he is a real person and moving as a real person does. Another reason the game isn’t perfect.

There is one positive note about the camera’s capability. We are gifted the ability to control the camera’s rotation as mentioned above, but also we are allowed close view as if you are seeing the world through the eyes of Froshmin and many other views, from far to close. However, the odd part with the camera rotation again, if you get the view too close, well it distorts the visual aspect of the game and disrupts the gameplay until you fix it. At least you can get out of it, but it just could maybe have been done a little better to avoid such a problem.

What I did find interesting is that the school is designed very creatively and artistically! Including many shapely artifacts and objects throughout the digitally designed environment. So I have nothing against the graphics, but some parts are a little off. Especially, with the doors in the game, these colorful blocks, which you’d probably not realize you can enter till you try, and even the issue of falling down to other designed locations can be a bit strange and even spooky! At least, with the falling part, I found out that it ends up causing you to be graded when you fall off the one location. However, any player, as well as myself, may start off feeling a little confused. Especially, when one is falling from the sky and it’s not a game to cause harm.

I do find myself enjoying the seeking portion of this game. This is the way we build the list of art tools, which is collected to help us the player, make better paintings. So we can move forward with the challenges that the professor wants us to create on the canvas in front of us. While I’m speaking about the canvas, it is quite nice to design something on this game and save it to use for sharing or keeping on the console. However, it is best to have a stylus pen to perfect the art you draw as it will look sloppy and harder to design with one’s finger.

Yet again, the problem that I came across is that it’s not hard to pass! The professor won’t grade these by any means to improve one’s skills. I got an A or even a passing grade with the sloppiest art. So does this game really do much for anyone or is it just for fun? That is what took me to my conclusion of it being just a typical doodle game that isn’t really to push one’s abilities further but to just play with no skills being taught. Not truly educational!

Do I Still Feel the Same?

In conclusion, this game is fun for just the freedom to play as you’d like. However, there are so many portions and features that just don’t work well together or at all! I feel as it could be improved and still be a better game, but for a relaxing and calming, nonsense-style game then it’s perfect, but I prefer a bit more organization, quality and something worth pushing me to be better!


+ Creative Game Environment
+ Easy Gameplay
+ Freedom to be Creative

- Controling the Camera
- Doesn't Improve Art Skills
- Horrible Graphics and Sound
- Trained Professor A.I. Easy To Pass with Sloppy Art

(Reviewed on Nintendo Switch Lite)
Natosha M
Natosha M
If it's a game filled with action, adventure, challenges, and a great story, you best believe it; I want to play it! I'm always excited to try something classic or original when it comes to a videogame.
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Review: Art Sqool+ Creative Game Environment<br> + Easy Gameplay<br> + Freedom to be Creative<br><br> - Controling the Camera<br> - Doesn't Improve Art Skills<br> - Horrible Graphics and Sound<br> - Trained Professor A.I. Easy To Pass with Sloppy Art<br><br> (Reviewed on Nintendo Switch Lite)