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Review: A Monster’s Expedition


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Do you wish there was a game that could reduce and calm your anxiety? Possibly one that isn’t only relaxing to play, but a little bit puzzling as well? Then, check out A Monster’s Expedition which is both, relaxing while still being an adventure and puzzle game, worthy of playing!

From The Start

When you begin for the first time and many times afterward, all you feel is how the game calms and provides this relaxation that no other puzzling game which I’ve ever come upon could do! The tune makes one’s cluttered and overworked mind easily transitions to a slightly sedative state. No need to say the words om or if it’s aum to feel unity or oneness with everything. Also, you don’t even need to be in a special space or room to feel so clear of mind and stress when you begin just playing this game.

A Monster’s Expedition is the most unique and original game, which also provides such great sound of waves in the background and includes beautiful and realistic graphics. Each of these just works together to build such a tranquilizing and peaceful place for the player. Unless you need loud sounds, violence, and tons of things going on, well then this isn’t that game for you. However, if you can take on the white noise effect with plenty of puzzles to challenge your mind in a mind-boggling, but practical way, this may be a winning choice!

Oh yes, it does help if you love adventure-style puzzle games, as it is a blend of the two. It’s a game that requires a little more planning to get you on your way, but don’t worry you won’t need to use too much brainpower to get through the different parts of this entire worldly adventure. In addition to the surroundings and the sounds in this game, which I’d like to admit that even without the music playing in the background, it can still be quite relaxing. The graphics and way we move within the game, of our character, the monster is great! We are dark and a black-colored creature, which makes it easy to never get lost and stand out quite well within this game.

Our main goal is to continue the expedition, figuring out the many puzzles from one island to the next, making them connect. All by working with what nature-style objects may be around us. It may seem quite simple to comprehend and yet putting it all together can make it puzzling at the same time. Even if this is a puzzle game, there is no need to fear a countdown timer or one that continues to go up, ticking away as you play. It’s so much more about the liberty to take as long or as go as fast as you like. Makes it perfect for all age groups, everything mentioned above. Additionally, there are no horrific graphics to visualize or sound effects to worry about. It’s a pleasant environment for everyone to enjoy and may I add a charming one too!

I do have one negative comment, nothing too harsh. It’s the background sound or music that plays repeatedly. It’s nothing too big to wreck one’s thoughts about the game or how the game plays. The problem I came upon is actually what occurs in the settings of the game. I know right in the front, menu portion. It’s nothing really to do with the music alone but the settings.

When you try to change the volume from loudest to the lowest, well it’s possible. Just the only difference is that it’s not a big difference. Okay, it does turn the sound off and on, but nothing with the music, and you’re given 3 options to adjust. The only one that really matters is the ambiance volume. Something new that no other game has in an audio control setting, as a choice. Well, none that I’ve played yet, till this game.

So when deciding the only sound that matters is the middle, ambiance volume. The higher it is the louder the sound, the lower it is the lower the sound. No matter if the music volume is off or on, it’s playing pretty much the same with every setting you decide to move the others to. I only know this is cause I had all the others turned to all different settings, while even the music and sound volume can be on zero or no music at all and the ambiance is all that matters. So my question, ping-ponging in my mind, is to why include those two others if it doesn’t change anything?

Lets Get Back To The Game:

It really doesn’t seem as if there is much to work hard on understanding. When you play the game, it’s basically moving the monster, which is our character with the controller’s arrow keys and the game’s left analog button if you want to move a bit more smoothly. I’ve played this game on the Nintendo Switch Lite and I’m sure it would be the same when played on the regular console as well.

Additionally, there are a few other buttons one can use on the controller. These buttons are located on the right side that helps you choose to undo, restart or look around the world we are stationed at, as well as the many different islands to come up next. On the other hand, skip those buttons altogether and you can use your finger to touch the screen and make the monster head towards the tree or object and location you want it to go.

Simple and straightforward right? Well, this is a bit of what you need to do to play the game. The objective of the game, the puzzling aspect is what will help you find these humorous and monster views on humanity as well as help you continue the expedition. The puzzle portion is again not too hard to comprehend, just by pushing objects to make one island connect to the next is all it takes.

Regardless of the puzzles, you must accomplish, the game does have a feature I find quite brilliant. It’s all very interactive to the touch on the objects. You can even make the monster, we the player sit down and enjoy taking it easy, relaxing without moving forward if you don’t want to. Another way to enjoy the calming sounds in the background and scenery as well!

Don’t Get Stumped, Just Undo or Restart!

When you have a chance to plan which way a tree trunk should be moved. That could be either on its side to be rolled or pushed from the top and bottom, moving up and down. By the way, yes this monster is strong and can break trees and move the trunks with ease! Anywho, you can make sure to position it correctly to get it to connect to the other side. The only thing, the monster doesn’t jump so don’t expect a floating log that is not a direct walk from one island to the next is considered correct.

This is where restart or undo can come in handy, even if you need to go back a few steps. However, restart is a better method to clear the section and start it back to the beginning. The way I mention it to be easy, well it is easy to many, but don’t be fooled it does get harder and harder to accomplish. The more you move on through the adventure, the more you discover new territory that needs a bit more work to get you further.

It does appear to become a bit mind-boggling, but with any good puzzle game, it’s a must! However, if you’re playing the game through it’s a little bit of an adjustment than just super fast, but there are those simple push-and-go islands where it doesn’t require much brainpower. However, even with some leisure, it’s best to have the game pick up and make it difficult. So I do find that the many things you need to do and work out a good plan to accomplish are going to present themselves.

Nevertheless, using undo or reset really puts you back to that feeling to not worry, you are able to begin again and not take any cost from you, lose points or waste time doing so. It’s all a calming and game that just allows you to restart as much as you like or undo the same way!

Final Thoughts

I feel there is nothing better than a game that puts one’s anxiety on the back burner and makes you feel free from all of the stress going on in the world. This is such an easy game to understand and works with so many different controlling formats. Either touching the screen or using the controller, it’s all perfect and even the game is straightforward.

The music could be strange, as it doesn’t make any sense or much of any adjustment. You really just need to focus on the ambiance. Other than that, the graphics and sound that do play are soothing and easy on the eyes. There is one last thing, a game portable like this can be an excellent way to escape to a more interesting location and feel happier, by just playing or listening to the sounds in this game!


+ Relaxing and Calming Sounds
+ Beautiful Graphics
+ Friendly Gameplay For All Ages
+ Easy Controls to Understand

- Few Music Settings Unnecessary

(Reviewed on Nintendo Switch Lite)
Natosha M
Natosha M
If it's a game filled with action, adventure, challenges, and a great story, you best believe it; I want to play it! I'm always excited to try something classic or original when it comes to a videogame.
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+ Relaxing and Calming Sounds<br> + Beautiful Graphics<br> + Friendly Gameplay For All Ages<br> + Easy Controls to Understand<br> <br> - Few Music Settings Unnecessary<br><br> (Reviewed on Nintendo Switch Lite) Review: A Monster's Expedition