GamingReview: Cosmic Express

Review: Cosmic Express


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Do you love the originality in games, including the design and music? How about puzzles that get tricky as you move on, but you’re still able to try so many different ways to complete it? Maybe it’s time to lay down those train tracks and try out Cosmic Express!

Honestly, what this game really does is that it brings so many fun enclosed puzzling environments to play through. Each being a bit trickier than the last, and still a whole bunch of fun! Especially, because it’s a bit of a free to do as you please type of game. There is no exact one right way to win, but a whole bunch of possible ways. Then again, it also depends on the level’s design. If there is less activity or obstacles on each puzzle, then there are many more available paths to build a route from the entry to the exit.

Positive Reasons to Love The Game

A few well-known features that caught my attention right away would have to be the beautiful environmental graphics. It’s fully a space-styled-themed game, but I always get this feeling that there is a slight feeling of winter or some type of snow-related mix as well. Possibly could be from the passing holiday feeling or just that it’s the actual season of winter in the real world. Add those two feelings and the addition of this game’s graphical appearance, the background in the music, and even the colors associated with each level, it is hard not to feel a bit chilled and like you’re in the icy, depths of space. I guess that makes sense, space being cold and all.

On top of the sound in the background. The music gives you a calming and relaxing feeling. There isn’t much to the tune playing, just enough to give you that space-chilling theme of the game and yet plenty of room to keep a clear mind to figure out the puzzles in front of you. Actually, that is something one can be thankful for, nothing distracting or irritating while you play including the sound effects.

Additionally, the levels are big and a bit like an open space. Clear enough to see and not be distracted by the extra worldly environmental graphics or objects you need to work with while playing the game. Plus playing on such a smaller Nintendo Switch screen, the game is still clear enough and so easy to see everything, making it just superb! All is very easy to detect and makes it fun as a puzzling portable game!

Let me add one more positive note about the game! It’s very easy to understand right from the beginning. Gratefully, this is something I like most about the game, which is that anyone in many age groups can pick up and play. The buttons, which are mapped out on the side of the game levels, each one you play makes it very simple for no one to forget what does what.

My First and Closing Thoughts

At first, Cosmic Express felt like a winter wonderland, enclosed in a bubble. However, I realized it was a space-style, puzzle game. Nothing wrong with that, it’s actually ended up being very fun and what I love most, tricky!

I almost felt it would be too easy, but it really isn’t. The first level was a piece of cake, and I guess I got that feeling I’d beat the game in less than an hour or at least get through so many worlds or stages in no time. However, it actually is a bit difficult as you move on. Even if the first level sets you up on what you can expect and how to play. That little taste of the game isn’t really how easy it will be as you move on, just so much more to learn and to do!

You really have to start thinking and using a bit of planning before letting the train run in this game. Thankfully, the tracks you would lay down can be erased and repositioned a few different times or restarted from the beginning. As the goal is to get the train from one side to the next, but also to get the alien-like creatures to their expected locations and it’s not only just one set but a few of them in each level.

Lastly, I must conclude by saying that this game is quite fun! It’s a challenging, yet a game that I can see spending hours trying to figure out and not that it’s hard to understand or too much to learn to actually play it. Just that it’s got a bit of a challenge that comes in each puzzle, making it a strategy puzzle game and perfect for those who want to beat boredom and spend time using their noggings a bit more than usual!


+ Design Originality
+ Challenging Levels
+ Easy To Learn How To Play
+ Simple Controlling

- Humdrum Background Music Afterawhile

(Reviewed on Nintendo Switch Lite)
Natosha M
Natosha M
If it's a game filled with action, adventure, challenges, and a great story, you best believe it; I want to play it! I'm always excited to try something classic or original when it comes to a videogame.

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Review: Cosmic Express+ Design Originality<br> + Challenging Levels<br> + Easy To Learn How To Play<br> + Simple Controlling <br> <br> - Humdrum Background Music Afterawhile<br><br> (Reviewed on Nintendo Switch Lite)