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Get the most out of Steam using these 6 hacks


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Steam is one of the renowned game distribution services and a must-have for both PC and Mac gamers. With over 34,000 games available, it is not a surprise that gamers would like to jump right in and learn how to get the most of Steam. 

While getting started isn’t an issue because all you need is a gaming-capable Mac or PC, these tips below can help improve your overall Steam experience. 

Backup games on Steam 

The Steam Cloud backs up files automatically, but there are limitations. Manually backup data on your Steam library to be on the safe side. You need to launch Steam> navigate to Backup and Restore Games > Click on Backup Currently Installed Programs. Then, right-click on the game you want to backup and select Next. Also, select a folder to save all your backups and ensure there is enough disk space. 

Once the files are saved, you can open the backup file and check if everything has been backed up properly. Then, click Finish. 

If you want to restore your backed-up files, you need to log into Steam and click the Backup and Restore Games option. Then, click the Restore option. 

Quickly solve Steam won’t launch issue 

Although Steam is compatible with Mac and Windows, Mac users consider it an essential app. That’s because Mac gamers have a limited game library compared to Windows, so Steam is their ray of hope. Therefore, when they face Steam won’t launch issue, they get flustered. But fortunately, there’s a quick fix to the problem. You can quit the app, relaunch it, reinstall it, clear Steam cache files, and try again. 

If you face the same issue on Windows, restart your computer, check your VPN or try Steam online. 

Broadcast your game 

Do you want to experiment with game broadcasting but are not sure if you’re ready to start using Twitch? You can start broadcasting your games via Steam, and it is useful if you want to test the streaming capabilities of your system or share a gaming experience with your Steam friends. 

You can broadcast on Steam by opening Steam> clicking Settings > selecting Broadcasting. Then, you need to adjust the privacy settings and specify who is allowed to view your gaming broadcasts. Ensure to save the adjusted settings. After that, open that game you want to broadcast, and it will automatically begin to broadcast. 

If you want to change the broadcasting settings, you can change Steam settings and alter them. You can even stop broadcasting if you don’t want people to see what games you are playing. 

Share Steam games 

Have you amassed a huge library of indie games on Steam? If so, and you wish to share them with your loved ones, you can do so. Steam allows users to create five separate accounts and ten approved devices. 

Here are the steps to share Steam games with friends or family. 

  • Enable Steam Guard on your account, along with the accounts with whom you wish to share the games. 
  • Launch Steam and sign in to your account. 
  • Navigate to Settings > click Family and tick the box next to Authorize Library Sharing on this Computer. 
  • Choose the account you want to authorize for Family Sharing and sign out of your account. Then, ask the designated users to sign in to their account to check if the library is shared successfully. 

Use in-home streaming to play in another room 

With a Steam link, you can stream your game to your television. But that’s not the only way. In-home streaming is an option where users can make their games run on their desktop gaming rig while sitting with their laptops in a different room. It is also possible to work on cross-operating systems, which means you can stream your games from your Windows device to your MacBook. 

In the Steam Settings menu, you can enable the In-home Streaming option. After it is activated, you have to sign in to your account on another device. If you plan to stream to a laptop, you can connect your laptop to a television. 

Arrange your Steam library according to category 

When you want to view your games library, consider selecting Detail View. You can get a lot of information about your games, including their size and how much space they’re taking up on your device. 

While you are in Detail View, you need to right-click on games and bring up the option to assign categories. By arranging your games by category, you can build a library that is easy to sort. Multiple games can be selected with Shift or Control + clicks. 

So, this is a list of amazing Steam hacks you can use to enhance your gaming experience. If you’re already familiar with all of them, you’re on the right track. 

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Andrew Edney
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