GamingReview: Rover Mechanic Simulator

Review: Rover Mechanic Simulator


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To me, Rover Mechanic Simulator isn’t for those who are looking to enjoy the beautiful Mars scenery or move from room to room. It’s more of a stay in one garage and repair parts that are being requested of you, the portion of the vehicle known as the Rover. Each order comes in and your objective gets filled with tasks requested of you to complete. That is the gist of the game. On the other hand, if you were a fan of mechanic games; simulator styles that require repairing vehicles then this will suit you quite well!

Unfortunately, this game isn’t one I’m that overly excited to play. I find myself doing the same job over and over; repairing the rover, searching for the problems, and making sure to complete the objectives required from me. It’s okay just for a moment, but after a while, I feel that it just is too redundant and a bit boring. Even more, there is nothing of interest to see, but the same garage over and over. Gets a bit dull. It may just be me, but I can’t even stand being in one room for hours, so why would I want to be stuck in the same room all the time?

Nevertheless, the main purpose of our job and this game is working in a garage, repairing this same device. Going through the steps of removing the part, placing it on the table which we will then investigate and remove anything that needs to be repaired and replaced. It’s not so hard, but it can be if you aren’t sure what to look for or where to locate the specific portion needing to be repaired.

After some time it will become a bit easier for first-time mechanics who’ve never done anything or played anything like this before. For example, this is the first time I’m trying a mechanic to repair a simulator game. I don’t dislike it too much, but I think if I was interested in the concept of the entire game, I’d probably be hooked on it, like a slice of pizza. Otherwise, it’s just hard to find it entertaining for so long.

For a quick intro to the beginning of the game, maybe if this sounds like your cup of tea or piece of cake, then sip or dig right in! Since I don’t want to make you feel that my impression should turn you away. So let me give you the basic process of how the game is when you begin playing.

At first, you are learning what to do, where to access everything on the screen, and all the practical details to get you to understand what you need to play the game correctly or if you forget, it helps you remember where to locate the details to help assist you. All of this is told to you in text, before entering the location; the garage needed to repair and work on the Rover. Right before entering the garage is the chance you can take to get a glimpse of the outside, to see the space-like atmosphere of Mars.

Once you do enter the garage, basically it’s understanding the different machines inside the room and what they are to be used for. Of course, they aren’t accessible only when you are required to use them. So no chance to play with the 3D printer at any time or work on the soldering iron if you have no need for it. Only if you finally begin with the first job or the many more that will follow, is when these machines; devices will be accessible to be used.

Honestly, there was one issue that got on my nerves in the beginning. I wasn’t excited with all those little green diamonds being so visible through everything like they were right on all the objects in the room. It sort of gets you confused as if you are looking for them on the vehicle in front of you, not just the outer edges of the room on the machines. Maybe it would be nice if that could be improved, removing the visibility a bit.

The machines in the room, there are plenty by the way. Each one is well explained what they do, and I’m glad even after reading about them, you can recall what they do again as it may be forgotten later. They aren’t too hard to understand, but at first, using them, it will take a bit of time to learn how to use our actual Xbox controller to make them do what is needed too. I felt that to be a little tricky, but it’s a simulator so that must be a part of the entire challenging aspect of the game.

Oh and thankfully there is a radio in the garage. Something to beat that empty, quiet room of nothing but work for you to do! I love the variety of tunes, especially the POP music. There are plenty, but that really gets my body moving and grooving, making the entire process I need to focus on a bit more enjoyable. Maybe if it’s just for a tiny bit. Cause again, it’s all in a quiet garage with nothing stellar to see or view while you are at work.

There is one other thing that I did find enjoyable, maybe the idea of having a garage to be a mechanic could be quite fun! Even if it’s nothing I’ve done before, but it could possibly be interesting to use tools. So when giving the shot with the machines, it took a little bit of time. It wasn’t the simple one button to either hold or move that was tricky. As everything to do with that was quite easy, even for a simulator. Since it didn’t require much turning or pressing of so many buttons at one time. The only problem is to learn what or where to go or do inside the machines to get them working and to get what is required of you completed. So the maneuvering was simple, the task was complicated.

I really also prefer each texted direction would have been able to be spoken. Instead of rereading the directions over and over. I found the text to be so long and my mind just wants to skim through, which is possibly the big reason I didn’t understand what was needed of me to do. Again, there is one positive note that they remind the player; mechanic what you need to do to work the machine or access the objectives for each job task being required of you.

At first, it is a bit tricky to get a hang of everything inside the garage, maybe a bit overwhelming for new mechanics. Thankfully, after a few times of fulfilling each job request; objective, you will understand them even more. That is it! Just a bit redundant in my opinion and gets a bit boring, but the jobs do get harder, tedious, and challenging. Though I still feel it’s a bit lacking in something then I’m used to in a game.


+ New Mechanical Skills Taught
+ Realistic Graphics
- Monotonous
- Nothing Exciting
- Repetitive Gameplay

(Reviewed on Xbox One)
Natosha M
Natosha M
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Review: Rover Mechanic Simulator+ New Mechanical Skills Taught<br> + Realistic Graphics<br> - Monotonous<br> - Nothing Exciting<br> - Repetitive Gameplay<br> <br><br> (Reviewed on Xbox One)