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Review: Titan Chaser


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I am quite impressed with Titan Chaser. Its atmosphere is a bit spooky and provides a very mysterious feeling right when you begin the game. Especially by all the visual graphics, which are dark and without music; quiet. This game can really provide the player with some engaging gameplay as there are many different tasks to accomplish. Everyone begins in the same location a motel at night, by the way, it’s always night in this game. The main job of you as the female character in the game is revolved around searching for Titans, large mystical-style creatures which at times can be spooky for a few players or astonishing to see when you finally find one.

When I tried this game, well I was delighted to play and see how everything unfurls as I work my way through the task I need to accomplish. I couldn’t say it was very easy, but it was a bit more fun to just enjoy the world environment and how realistic it felt moving around. I feel that there is one thing that might lack for players as it has for me. Even if the indoor locations appear a bit clear, some graphics while driving outdoors in such a foggy dark environment setting can be a bit difficult to see one’s path. I’m not sure if this was meant to add to the game’s difficulty or just something that was to add for a spookier night appearance. No matter, it just isn’t going to be a simple game to play, especially if the visual graphics, light on or off can seem quite hard to work with.

I don’t want to say that this game isn’t worth trying, but for the game that wants the player to feel relaxed, it really isn’t that relaxing. Additionally, there are a few problems I had with the controls, especially in the car. I just wish there was a mapping of the controller to help one know what to expect and how you could adjust the camera view, possibly get to that farther positioning that you can see the car from the outside, verse directly on through the windshield. Between you and me, I actually had caused my vehicle to sink into the water as I couldn’t see where I was going, on-road, or if I was off it!

Luckily, there are those checkpoints that help me get back where I left off recently. They come in surprise parts of the game, like using a telephone, turning on the radio, and many other things. Not a typical or automatic reach of a location. It actually is during an action done. Quite a new change from what many games use for saving location, which could be a distance; time made towards the game.

Additionally, there is so much the player can accomplish, not just that of the goal in each level chosen from the beginning, which requires you to find these Titans. You as the player are able to collect some achievements, which is why I love playing this on the Xbox. It’s a great game to do some odd-ball things, like knockdown 50 posts to get an achievement or just turn on the radio. No matter, this game has plenty of these to enjoy.

Now I am quite thankful that the character we happen to play speaks out loud what we are to do or see when getting to a specific location. Additionally, in white, there also are some words that appear as well as helpful labeling of the objects telling you what you can either access, use, put on or off, and so on. That feature is something different than many games you are trying to figure out, where or what to do next. This limits what you should think is accessible, so you aren’t wasting time during the game trying to remove or pick something up when it’s not able to be used.

I do have another issue while playing and this is with the person speaking. Well, it’s us the one we are playing and moving around in the game. The problem I have at times; maybe I should also blame the surrounding noises that happen at the same time. However, I feel that it can be a bit hard to hear what she is saying at times. It might just be me. Despite this problem, I am grateful that after coming back to a specific area it does cause her to repeat what she just said, and even the words reappear. At least that is something to be grateful for. So I can’t get lost on what I was meant to do next or what is being told to me. This goes on through each area of the game as the player moves through the different missions at each level.

For those players who might find themselves struggling with the view of the screen. I am happy to mention that there are a few adjustments one can make in the settings menu. Perfect for different TVs or possibly just to clearly get a little more of a clearer front view as we are wandering through this world. Yet I don’t think it does much for the small print words that appear on the bottom. they are still the same size. I guess for my time playing I didn’t really feel it aid much while playing.

For the games main goals and tasks to accomplish, well these Titan creatures and discoveries are interesting, spooky a little, and maybe a lot for a few players, including myself, especially the Kraken. When you never know where they’ll just appear and see them in the sky taking flight or located on the ground and in water. Nevertheless, they will appear and your goal to drive them away with light is mainly all you need to do to accomplish the task. There is light on our vehicle, which makes it useful, and a few that need to be turned on to help shine a way larger light their way. Again, it’s not too hard to play, yet getting to the location may be the only issue as the fog can complicate things, which I’ve noticed each time playing.

Lastly, this game supplies such freer style gameplay than just accomplishing one’s tasks right away. You can just sit back and travel around collecting achievements if you’d like. Of course, when you are ready, the goal at hand is just to shoo those Titans in each game level away. In my opinion, I do find it to be mildly entertaining, a bit too hard to make out because the graphics blind my viewing of the surroundings, and possibly cause me not to find this game as something I wouldn’t find myself playing if I’m not able to stand super close to my television so I can know what is going on.


+ Interesting Story
+ Realistic Movements
- Graphics
- Difficult Vechicle Controls
- Hard to Hear What is being Said at times

(Reviewed on Xbox One)
Natosha M
Natosha M
If it's a game filled with action, adventure, challenges, and a great story, you best believe it; I want to play it! I'm always excited to try something classic or original when it comes to a videogame.

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Review: Titan Chaser+ Interesting Story <br> + Realistic Movements <br> - Graphics<br> - Difficult Vechicle Controls<br> - Hard to Hear What is being Said at times <br><br> (Reviewed on Xbox One)