GamingREVIEW: Formula Retro Racing

REVIEW: Formula Retro Racing


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Formula Retro Racing is one of the simplest racing games to enjoy when you need some reason to hit the gas and go as fast as you’d like! In addition to being a simple racing game, the controls for the vehicle are not as complicated either. Making it a perfect game for players who aren’t searching for something that is all about the details or design of the game. It’s also a game that is free from mechanic job knowledge. So you don’t need to know anything complicated about the vehicle’s parts or be required to learn how to repair or fuel your racing vehicle.

It’s practically a game that’s dedicated to just racing, putting that foot on the pedal, and going as fast as you like. Of course, using some reason, you will still need to avoid turns as this can cause damage to your vehicle. As well, it’s best to avoid other racers, which also may damage your vehicle badly, but maybe you could be lucky enough and it will just wreck the other racers’ vehicles!

Once playing, you’ll notice the choice of vehicles. There are many different colors, which are not limited to just five, but plenty. Many are a simple one-color design, with that similar style in vehicle design. On the other hand, there are a few with different patterns to choose from. Nothing too spectacular, just like having a choice of a simple racing stripe added to the design.

When choosing a track, which starts with the simplest, going to the most challenging styles. You’ll notice that it’s not too complicated as well as the scenery around each course. The racing tracks are all designed a little differently. From being as easy as you’ll be going in a simple circle, without too many turns or it could be challenging where the track could take you all over, like a rollercoaster. Nevertheless, these tracks aren’t very distracting from the race. Not even the background will cause you to lose concentration, as it’s just such a simple designed layout throughout this game.

For the music, the soundtrack that plays is like a very arcade, retro-style fun! It brings the game together and makes for that perfect retro appeal! Nothing but a great way to motivate the player and push them to win.

Oh yes, before I forget. Even for those players that want to play a fast game any time of the day. You can count on this racing game to allow you to have a fast pace game that won’t take too long to play and be exciting! Since there are plenty of simple race tracks that you can choose from. However, if you have more time to play, there are a few difficult ones, which are longer. Either way, each will give you something to fill in that gap of free time you may have.

I do want to point out one other thing I like about this game. I find myself enjoying the low poly graphics. This is something that makes this a better game choice for many players and myself included. I suffer from vertigo and going around in circles, having too many high graphic designs or lights flashing can be difficult to look at. So to play a racing game that doesn’t have any of this, but still brings that arcade racing fun, well that is a winner right there! I don’t have to worry about controlling the camera to make sure I can always keep my vehicle in view. I don’t need to worry about the pain of having my vehicle spin and heading in the wrong direction. So I’m grateful that this isn’t that type of game! It’s one reason I highly love playing it.

Additionally, there is one other strange reason why I like this game. Maybe it will sound a bit odd, but on the other hand, I do have to come clean and tell you something a bit awful on my part, but maybe I’m not alone? I do enjoy crashing and bashing into other vehicles. No, this isn’t what you need to do in the game or written as a part of what you have to do to succeed. Instead, I just enjoy doing it as much as possible. Even if I’m not the greatest racer, I like to play like a ram and crash into other vehicles while trying to move ahead of the other players. I guess I just really enjoy playing bumper cars when going fast in any racing game.

However, this could be a positive thing, where if you hit them just right, they may blow up. Allowing you a chance to get ahead of them or it might just cause a little damage to your vehicle. I know it may sound odd, but after any stressful day, this just might give you a slight satisfying feeling from destroying other racers. Okay, I’m glad I came clean and actually I guess you can say I am a big fan of a little bumper car-style action. Especially, if it’s just for fun.

Lastly, this game is an excellent retro, low poly-style racing game. It’s got plenty of exciting racing courses, plenty of challenging modes, and vehicles to choose to ride. If simple and just plain racing is what you crave, this is the game you have to try!


+ Retro Game Appeal
+ Entertaining Damage
+ Excellent Soundtrack
+ Easy Controls

(Reviewed on Xbox One)
Natosha M
Natosha M
If it's a game filled with action, adventure, challenges, and a great story, you best believe it; I want to play it! I'm always excited to try something classic or original when it comes to a videogame.

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REVIEW: Formula Retro Racing+ Retro Game Appeal<br> + Entertaining Damage <br> + Excellent Soundtrack<br> + Easy Controls<br><br> (Reviewed on Xbox One)