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Review: Vault of the Void


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A card battling game with a difference. Vault of the Void is a rogue-like card game that is available on Steam. Spider Nest Games developed and published the title

Vault of the Void Plot

The premise is very simple. You make your way through the levels beating various beings collecting the cards.

Vault of the Void Gameplay

The card game is simple to follow and makes the game easy to play. The player has to navigate their way through a series of rooms that can contain various things. It can be enemies, shops, or treasures. When you die you are sent right back to stage 1. But with all the cards the player has unlocked.

The card game is easy to follow. The player draws five cards at the beginning of their turn. The player has three energy points that can be used to activate card abilities. These can be offensive or defensive spells. After the enemy’s first turn, the player is warned of their attack power. On the player’s next turn they must use the defense cards to prevent damage. Most of the time this is an easy decision to make, it’s worth defending to survive the rooms.

Once the player gets to the latter stages of the dungeon. The decision to use defense cards instead of attack cards becomes a difficult decision. I found myself having to take damage to beat the enemies. It makes the game a lot more interesting and far more difficult.

Vault of the Void Presentation

The game is beautiful to look at. The cards are well designed and beautiful. There are various battlefields available that serve as backgrounds of the game. But these are unlockable either by using vault points or completing achievements. The special effects are also pretty.

The music fits the theme of the game. Not that you need to listen to it. I’ve had it on mute for around 50% of the time and I never felt like I was missing out on anything. The sound effects are also what you would expect from a battle card game.

Final Verdict

From my time playing Vault of the Void, I did have fun. But I didn’t enjoy the rogue-like aspect of the game. Unlike most roguelike games, it takes a lot of skill to get to the end of the dungeon. But you don’t seem to get rewarded as much as you do in other rogue-like games like Everspace or Rogue Legacy.

For a card game, it is pretty simple which suits a roguelike title. But the battles last far too long and for most of the early card battles, you don’t need to think much. Then all of a sudden the difficulty level rises and you’re then defeated quickly. It would have felt fairer if you could restart a battle at least once without going all the way back through the levels.

I would recommend playing Vault of the Void if you want a simple card game. And can stomach the frustration of being sent all the way back to the beginning. I would even pay for a feature to give me one more try.


  • Simple mechanics to learn
  • A unique take on rougue like games
  • Can take ages to get back to where you failed
  • Not very rewarding between games
  • Reviewed on Windows PC
  • MacOS
  • Linux
Brendan Freeman
Brendan Freeman
Hi I'm Brendan. I've been playing video games almost since birth. I've recently welcomed my son and hope to share this hobby with him. I love a wide range of games and always looking for titles with interesting stories or mechanics.

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<b><u>Pros</u></b> <ul> <li>Simple mechanics to learn</li> <li>A unique take on rougue like games</li> </ul> <b><u>Cons</u></b> <ul> <li>Can take ages to get back to where you failed</li> <li>Not very rewarding between games</li> </ul> <b><u>Platforms</u></b> <ul> <li>Reviewed on Windows PC</li> <li>MacOS</li> <li>Linux</li> </ul> Review: Vault of the Void