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Review: RiMS Racing


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Have you ever thought about owning an authentic motorcycle in the future or possibly right now? Well, no more daydreaming or wishing for this to be true, as you can have it all in a digital world, anytime you like! RiMs Racing makes that possible and allows you to have it all, and many more than you ever could imagine. Including all the labor that a real mechanic would endure, and a bike owner will be required to learn to do as well as if it’s for the purpose of racing, as in this game!

RiMs Racing, which is now out for Nintendo Switch is quite a great game and worth playing on the go, especially since the Console makes it portable and playable anywhere! Have all the bikes you want whenever you want to ride them. Plus, the game doesn’t lack any brilliant design, it’s still as lively and lucid as it would be on the big screen. Half of the game focuses on driving one’s dream machine, the motorbike you want, and how you want it to appear. The second portion of the game is the action and racing fun, putting that motorbike to work!

What I have to point out is that this game does deliver! You aren’t left with a lack of excellence when it comes to the motorcycles you can choose. Plus, the ability to work the gears and have the ability to be seated behind the actual bike can be exciting and just exhilarating! The many different focuses you can choose from with the camera just make for an excellent feature. It’s giving the player the ability to drive in comfort from a distance of viewing their rider or being in the actual rider’s seat, where you can view the road upfront. This is one of the features I found that makes this game suitable for many players. Some have different preferences of how they like to view the screen in a game. For this racing game, it’s going to be the road in front of you.

For the bikes themselves, well there are plenty of brands that you can choose from; top quality, elite name brands. I’ve tried the game with the Yamaha, as it’s one name I am very familiar with, but there are even other great ones to choose from, like the Suzuki and BMW. Plus, many more!

When you do start to play the game you are given a freebie, a choice of motorbike. Allowing you a choice of any bike you desire, no need to have a certain amount of cash to choose the one you would like to have. The buying of any other motorbike or the additional parts to add or upgrade a bike will come later. For right now, just choosing a pricy bike is a joy. Plus, this to me was a very charming addition to the game as it’s not just limiting you to choose one type of bike, the lowest cost and less spectacular ride, which is normal in many other racing games. Instead, you get to choose freely, no matter the brand or how pricy and powerful it may be!

Also, for a sim-style game, it may seem to be just focused on the customizing of a motorcycle. However, this is not the only thing that gets to be customized. As the bike needs a rider, which you can customize as well! Even if this is the smallest part of the game, it is still pretty neat to have the ability to dress and design your own rider. Make sure you have a look to fit the bike or just suit your preferences. This is just another way this game makes you feel as if you are really in control, riding on each track, with those wheels burning through concrete.

For a quick view of what I’ve noticed during my gameplay, especially when starting the game, from the beginning is that it may seem quite long till you get to the real races. There is a good reason to appreciate the beginning, as it will set you up and give you that much-needed practice with your bike so you can move forward and become a better racer, like a Pro. After a few times during my gameplay, of course, enjoying the playback of flipping my bike or crashing, I was able to get a hang of the brake and gas pedal so I could move around the track with ease. Each corner gets a bit tough and requires you to go at a certain speed to make the turn. Just like a real motorcycle or if you were driving a vehicle of any sort.

The time spent training and finishing up the few tasks before facing off with the actual racing part of the game has allowed me, the beginner to get a clear idea of how to control and ride my chosen bike. Additionally, it provided me with a clear idea of what to expect on the many circuits I will be racing on. Also, there are these arrows in the beginning. They actually help one control the bike a bit better by using the right speed needed throughout the track. For example, the green is the go as you like, while the yellow and red direct you to slow down and be cautious as the road may require you to turn.

For me, I might have fallen off my bike more than I should have, and still, it’s quite funny to watch over and over. Though, if one wants to achieve the best score possible, the rider must be prepared and ready to take those sharp turns at a slower pace and speed up when necessary while not overdoing it. Really feels like I’m driving an actual bike, even if it’s a game. In addition to driving, you get to utilize a pitstop before continuing on your way.

Another thing I’d like to mention about myself and my experience with this game, I’m not a person who knows much about motorcycles or in other words, motorbikes. However, this game is still quite amazing in how realistic the game feels and what you must do to ride and be a great racer to surpass other players! It takes a lot of work for a beginner and even at the easiest setting, it can still be a lot to take in with the gears and different areas of focus as well as controls needed to ride the bike. Well, I was never great at driving games, but I try to do my best. So for myself to stay inside the path of the tracks while racing can be tricky. However, with some patients and time practicing, I’m getting the hang of it. Additionally, the realistic feature of riding a real bike and controlling one, well that is what it’s all about and if it was easy it wouldn’t feel or be as real.

After all of the racing, it’s just more mechanical stuff with the bike. Taking the time to repair what was used and worn on the bike, which will need replacing and repair. Plus, any new purchases, selling parts you don’t want to keep or need to make money for future upgrades. Also, with each race comes level-ups and earn rewards that can help afford some new additions for your bike or bikes that you’ve got stored in your garage.

Lastly, as mentioned in the beginning, one may daydream or wish they had many bikes or at least one. However, that doesn’t need to be, as this game allows you all the glory of owning all the bikes you want and the space to place them. Plus, top that with becoming a great racer! So that is one giant perk of playing the game RiMs Racing and not to mention you will be able to race in many different circuits all over the world!


+ Multiplayer Game
+ Customizable Riders and Bikes
+ Realistic Bike Controlling
+ Great Appearance Throughout
- Challenging to Control
(Reviewed on the Nintendo Switch)
Natosha M
Natosha M
If it's a game filled with action, adventure, challenges, and a great story, you best believe it; I want to play it! I'm always excited to try something classic or original when it comes to a videogame.

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+ Multiplayer Game<br> + Customizable Riders and Bikes<br> + Realistic Bike Controlling<br> + Great Appearance Throughout<br> - Challenging to Control <br> (Reviewed on the Nintendo Switch)Review: RiMS Racing