Christmas 2021A Closer Look at Wonderbly Personalised Books

A Closer Look at Wonderbly Personalised Books


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With Christmas not too far away now, we are going to be looking at various things you might want to consider – here we look at some awesome personalised books from Wonderbly.

This is how Wonderbly describe themselves:

“There is nothing more magical than a child’s imagination. It is limitless, glorious, and incredibly precious. Here at Wonderbly, we create meaningful, magical personalised stories which let children imagine themselves doing extraordinary things.

From learning about their own identity, to discovering the world around them and developing empathy, curiosity and confidence, our splendid stories help prepare children for every chapter of their life ahead.

The positive power of personalisation

Studies show that when children see themselves in a story, it has a profound effect on their literacy and language development. This helps create confident, enthusiastic readers for life.

Personalisation also helps children relate to the storylines – it’s really them, in the story! This makes them far more receptive to the key messages and learnings of each tale – from courage, to friendship, to curiosity and kindness.”

We decided to take a look at two different books that Wonderbly offer.

Where Are You? Save the Multiverse!

An urgent mission to save the multiverse from an evil criminal mastermind? Awesome! Send up to three children on an epic quest to look for themselves (and save each other) in a personalised search-and-find book.

This particular book is aimed at ages 4 to 10 and comes with 36 pages. You can even preview the entire book before you buy which is great.

This personalised book is £24.99.

How Many Yous Make a Hippo?

Are you faster than a cheetah? Can you jump higher than a kangaroo? How many yous would it take to lift a gorilla? See how you compare to the world’s most incredible creatures in this personalised animal book for kids.

This particular book is aimed at ages 4 to 6 and comes with 34 pages. You can even preview the entire book before you buy which is great.

This personalised book is £24.99.

Both of these books are great – the process of personalising them was easy and fun and from ordering them to them being delivered was a very short time too.

Wonberbly have a lot of really great and interesting personalised books to choose from – take a look, there is bound to be something there you would love to give someone for Christmas.

You can learn more from the Wonderbly website, and there are some great offers on there at the moment as well.

Andrew Edney
Andrew Edney
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