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Review: International Space Banana


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Space still holds many mysteries and much of its vast depth is out of reach. Exploring its emptiness has intrigued mankind for years, and I don’t see that fading any time soon. Whenever scientists get the chance, they love to meddle with things while floating at zero-G. Though the results of these experiments are interesting, most of the time mistakes occur. This is exactly what happens in International Space Banana! It’s a fruit-filled physics-based title that’ll drive you insane.

Developed by Cool Scooter Software and published by PQube, this futuristic adventure game is infuriating. Zero-gravity has never been so frustrating, and this game will make you scream within minutes. However, it’s oddly addictive and will make you chuckle between your fits of rage.

It’s a colour explosion.

International Space Banana is simple, but you’ll despise bananas forevermore. 

I’m not sure many developers create their games and hope that you despise the protagonist. Yet, that’s exactly what happens in International Space Banana. This perfectly grown and ripe banana was part of an experiment that went wrong! A scientist who is working on merging monkey and banana DNA, screws up and turns himself into the titular character. With no arms and legs to move, he must rely on the lack of gravity and surfaces to propel himself along. Its insanely silly story will make you giggle, and I loved the absurdity of the situation. 

Though the story is amusing, and the narrative comical, this is where the laughter ends. International Space Banana isn’t a game for the faint of heart and players will despise this yellow fruit forevermore! This is the Dark Souls, Super Meat Boy, or OkunoKA Madness of the zero-gravity world. You will bump off surfaces, spin forever, and beg for mercy as you lose your mind and patience. 

Use the obstacles to navigate zero-G.

Who’d have thought space would be so troublesome?

When the lead character is a piece of fruit, you don’t expect the gameplay to be challenging. Yet, I was horribly wrong! Subsequently, its brutal ways make it unfairly harsh and almost too tough to play. The core concept is basic, as you simply must move from A to B while avoiding obstacles. Therefore, you may be confused about my moaning about the difficulty, so please, allow me to expand.

The scientist banana is solely reliant on surfaces to propel himself, and this is pretty tricky to master. One false move and he spins in the wrong direction. If you then chuck in the many switches you must activate, gaps to navigate, and traps to avoid, it quickly becomes a hellish nightmare. Strangely, though, it’s still thoroughly enjoyable, and it’s tough to put down.

International Space Banana looks great, but depth perception is challenging to read.

Cool Scooter Software has captured the space theme perfectly. Its metallic greys and sultry colour palette show off the traditional tones and imagery that was expected. I loved the futuristic items and the larger-than-life objects that matched the banana’s stature. Yet, for all its positives, depth perception isn’t one of them. When planning your route is reliant on every item you hit, you need to know what’s in the foreground and the background. Sometimes this was impossible to tell and subsequently, the tough gameplay just got harder.

I loved the audio as it sets the tone and pace for the action brilliantly. When every room and corridor are problematic to cross, you want a soundtrack that’ll distract you, and that’s what you get. This was wonderfully punctuated by the comical narration. The witty one-liners and informative dialogue make you laugh while progressing the story nicely.

What crazy experiments were they doing?

Simple controls, but gravity is a menace.

The movement is achieved through the use of two buttons, so this was fortunately very easy to master. The developers have also allowed multiplayer action to be achieved on one keyboard. This was impressive, as it created a cramped yet fun experience. Alongside this, full controller support has also been implemented, so many input methods are available. Controlling the banana isn’t the issue, however, gravity is the problem! This menacing mechanic undermines your progress at every opportunity!

The story comprises a handful of stages that follow a similar pattern, so repetition sets in pretty early. Fortunately, though, the challenging gameplay ensures that it doesn’t become tiresome. To enhance its longevity, the developers introduced a competitive race mode for up to four players. This silly setup has you rolling across obstacles as you race to the finishing line. It was a welcome distraction from the madness and I applaud the developers for incorporating it within the game. Steam achievements enhance the replay value further, and a tough list demands you complete every element of the story, so best of luck!

International Space Banana: the rage-inducing, fruit-driven masterpiece!

My love for brutally tough games that demand a thick skin has waned over the years. However, here I am looking at International Space Banana. Its harsh mechanics are papered over by its great looks, wonderful audio, and comical story. It’s absurd, tough as hell, but addictive and fun. I hated and loved it and recommend you to buy it here! Life as an intelligent banana is fun, but there is always the risk a space monkey will eat you. Complete your adventure and try to reverse the experiment.


International Space Banana is a wonderfully amusing and rage-inducing physics-based title. You'll laugh and scream as your banana floats aimlessly around. Enjoy the tongue-in-cheek commentary as you explore zero-G! Try to find the answers to your questions and reverse the catastrophic experiment.

+ An excellent representation of space.
+ Brilliant sound and narration.
+ Simple controls.
+ Rage-inducing fun.
+ Full controller support.
+ Multiplayer can be achieved on one keyboard.
- It'll make you despise bananas.

(Review on PC using Steam. Currently only available on PC.)
Daniel Waite
Daniel Waite
My gaming career started on an Amiga and spans many consoles! Currently, I game using an MSI laptop and Xbox Series X. A fan of every genre, I love to give anything a go. Former editor and reviewer for, I'm loving my new home here at Movies Games and Tech. I can be contacted for gaming reviews on the following email:

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International Space Banana is a wonderfully amusing and rage-inducing physics-based title. You'll laugh and scream as your banana floats aimlessly around. Enjoy the tongue-in-cheek commentary as you explore zero-G! Try to find the answers to your questions and reverse the catastrophic experiment.<br/> <br/> + An excellent representation of space.<br/> + Brilliant sound and narration.<br/> + Simple controls.<br/> + Rage-inducing fun.<br/> + Full controller support.<br/> + Multiplayer can be achieved on one keyboard.<br/> - It'll make you despise bananas.<br/> <br/> (Review on PC using Steam. Currently only available on PC.)<br/>Review: International Space Banana