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Corporations taking over the world is nothing new. When they see a good deal to be had, they step over everyone and everything to make a profit. Get Packed uses this heart-wrenching plot as you pick up the pieces left behind by a monstrous conglomerate.

Developed by Moonshine Studios and Coatsink and published by the latter, this is a solo and multiplayer physics-based title. Like its peers Moving Out and Overcooked, Get Packed focuses on teamwork and fast-paced action. With many challenges to overcome and bizarre levels to work through, there is a lot for everyone to enjoy.

Who needs gravity when packing boxes?

Get Packed is strange but hilarious.

The plot in Get Packed plays second fiddle to the wonderful gameplay that unfolds before your eyes. The bizarre story is hilarious from the first moment and takes you on a journey of twists and turns. A greedy salt mining company takes over your town, Ditchlington. Every resident, including yourself, is evicted, and this is where you form a genius idea. You take control of a group known as Last Ditch Removals, your intentions are good yet you profit from people’s misery. As every house is emptied, the work dries up and the removal team must think of whacky ways to make a living.

I won’t ruin the later stages of the game for you, but you’ll love every moment. The excellent level design and challenges keep you thinking throughout. You aim to complete as many tasks as possible while raking in the money. Each episode is ranked up to three stars and the amount of cash you earn is the deciding factor. You receive a bonus if you can complete certain objectives, and keeping the damage to a minimum is a must. It’s hectic, will drive you insane, but it’s ridiculously moreish and excellent with friends.

A simple concept that is agonisingly tough.

Racing through the game and opening up every chapter isn’t too difficult. Where the challenge arises is when you aim to complete each objective and get the three stars. Perfectionists will love the rewarding feeling, but will also get frustrated. Many minor elements work against you to make the gameplay agonisingly tough.

Guards, prisoners, and wrecking balls will send you flying. Cars, lorries, and trucks will run you over and smash every item you hold! If you then chuck in the ridiculous physics-based mechanics, there is potential for disaster. Your perfect plans will continually be thwarted by the surrounding environment and you’ll have to adjust to each unique stage.

Each location has special items that must be loaded into your tiny removal vehicle. You can flatpack each object or chuck them in the back as quickly as possible. You choose to pack whatever you wish, but grabbing each highlighted item earns you a cash bonus. This is essential to be awarded the highest score and is foolish to overlook.

Creep around the museum and don’t get caught!

Teamwork and co-op action make this a must-play title.

Get Packed is great as a solo venture but as a co-op game, it truly excels. This can be played locally or online with friends. The madness that ensues is crazy and you’ll shout, scream, and holler at each other as everything goes wrong. Yet, no matter how heated the situation gets, you’ll chuckle as you fall down stairs, blow yourself up, or leap through windows.

Communication and teamwork are key to success and playing with random gamers can be difficult. You must work like a well-oiled machine and staying silent only adds more obstacles. There are few games where I look to avoid strangers, but Get Packed is one of those titles, sadly.

Not only can you play the campaign mode together, but you can also battle it out across a range of multiplayer games. The core concept remains the same, but you must go head to head to be crowned champion. This was excellent fun and was a welcome distraction from the stresses of loading up the moving vehicle.

Get Packed has a great cartoon aesthetic and whimsical audio.

I love a game that uses cartoon graphics and comic book cutscenes. The hilarious story is told through some lovely still images that highlight your plight and silly choices. The isometric viewpoint gives you a clear understanding of the surrounding area, but it’s challenging to see the whole map. When time is of the essence, it’s annoying when you cannot see where key objects are positioned. This causes you to run around like a headless chicken and ensures more unnecessary arguments with your teammates.

The bright colours and brilliantly detailed levels were great to explore and look at. The developers have made the most of each stage and have cut no corners in ensuring a unique experience every time. The gameplay is extremely smooth, and I had no issues even when the action got a little heated.

Before I started playing, I knew what to expect from the audio… I wasn’t left disappointed. The fun and whimsical soundtrack were complemented nicely by the narration of the story. The crashes and bangs of furniture breaking were great, and I loved the noises the NPCs made as fights broke out. The sound effects support the gameplay perfectly and though it was a little OTT, it was very enjoyable to listen to.

Can you move an alien spaceship?

The physics-based mechanics make the controls feel sloppy. 

If you’ve played any physics-based game, you’ll know how loose the controls can feel. Your character rarely reacts to your command and this can be disconcerting. Get Packed suffers from this and getting used to it takes a strong mindset and plenty of patience. Playing with others enhances this annoyance, especially if you both grab the same item in error. However, once you are familiar with the control system, it’s great to play and you’ll love its difficulty curve.

The genre screams replay value and this title is no different. It’s addictive, fun, and challenging in equal measures. With a large and tough achievement list, many objectives during each stage and three stars to be awarded per level, you’ll return for more. There are also hidden trophies to find, and each character has custom options so you can make the removal person of your dreams.

Get Packed is up there with the best multiplayer games.

With so many great games in this category, Get Packed has its work cut out to stand apart from the crowd. It’s up there as one of the best multiplayer games from the genre and won’t disappoint gamers who give it a go. I loved it and recommend you to buy it here! When life gives you lemons, make lemonade! Be an optimist and don’t let “the man” bring you down. Run your business, clear the houses and get rich at the same time! 


Get Packed is a fantastic fast-paced physics-based title. Excellent solo, but much better with friends! Can you work together to empty each property while maintaining your composure? Wonderful aesthetics but loose controls make this a fun but tough multiplayer experience.

+ Brilliant cartoon style.
+ Excellent but expected audio.
+ Lots of replay value and plenty to do.
+ Unique levels and a bizarre storyline.
+ A brilliant multiplayer experience.
- The controls are challenging.

(Reviewed on the Xbox Series X. Also available on PC, Google Stadia and PlayStation.)
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