GamingGreat Reasons to Immerse Yourself in League of Legends

Great Reasons to Immerse Yourself in League of Legends


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Even at the height of gaming magnificence, among the hundreds of spellbinding titles available, it is still somehow possible to get bored of a certain genre. 

Whether you’re waiting for a Witcher 3 shaped hole to be filled, or you’re fed up with the same old game mechanics popping up in FPS games everywhere, you would certainly be forgiven for wanting to wander down a refreshing new avenue of virtual delight. 

If you haven’t already done so, the whacky and wonderful world of MOBA gaming could be the next place to try out, but if you needed a little extra convincing, here are some great reasons to immerse yourself in the immensely popular League of Legends.  

The Thrill of Competition

MOBAs are among the most popular esports titles out there, boasting huge cash prize pools and sometimes even sponsorship deals for the elite players. 

This is partly down to the thrill of the competition offered up by the fairly unique game mechanics. In addition, the (generally) fast-paced, easy to learn, hard to master setup makes it an enticing concept, one that can draw you in for hours, then before you know it, you’ve been awake for several days. 

If you want to take the competitive element of gaming seriously and tackle it with all you have, League of Legends has you covered, and if you feel like just taking it slow and hanging out with the bots, that option very much exists. 

There are some great supporting websites to help you out should you wish to delve deep into the metagame and truly lose yourself in the seemingly limitless possibilities the title has to offer. 

For example, you might want to check out a League of Legends Tier List for some deeper insight and support into which characters are currently making the biggest waves. The list is developed using data analysis from current players, making it a popular, accurate go-to for many. 

The Diversity

League of Legends has 155 champions to choose from as of right now, making the game nowhere near close to being short on diversity or possibility. 

You would likely need a great deal of time to even start wrapping your head around all of the different characters and items at your disposal, let alone master them. 

This might be good news for those of you looking to lose yourself in a new gaming pursuit anytime soon. 

Competitive multiplayer games have technically been around since Tennis for Two was created in 1952, so the concept of esports isn’t exactly brand-new. However, what is new about League of Legends is the incredible balancing act that is the highly complex and constantly evolving metagame and the esports phenomenon that it came to be since its inception in 2009. 

Although if you want to reach the highest heights, you’ll need to put in some serious time and focus. This is where products like energy drinks and a Delta 9o Vape can come in handy, as they can provide you with the extended focus you need to keep winning until you’re the best in your class. 

The Visibility 

Due to the overwhelming popularity League of Legends has found with the Twitch community, there is plenty of content to access outside of the game itself. 

People around the world collectively watched 174 million hours of League of Legends content on Twitch in June of this year, so there is certainly no shortage of coverage or availability on offer. 

This consistent stream of new content makes the game feel very much alive and flourishing, a trademark of MOBAs that can often be lacking in other genres. Additionally, an all-encompassing multichannel experience can truly add an extra layer to a title, which is perhaps a much-needed change of dynamic for those looking for a new outlet. 


If you can convince 4 of your friends to hop into a Discord server and join you on your virtual base-hunting adventures, League of Legends can be a highly sociable game. 

If not, there is no need to worry, as the thriving online community has a wealth of players willing to join the good fight at a moment’s notice. 

Places like Reddit, TeamTavern, or Unite LoL can be great for finding new teammates; forming friendships are just chatting. 

Convincing friends to pick up the game in the first place is probably easier because it is completely free to play, so they do not need to make too much of a commitment to try it out. 

No Two Matches Play Out in the Same Way

Even when you have mastered the maps and tried your hand at every possible character, matches will likely still play out differently every single time you approach them. 

This is usually the sign of a great engine, solid mechanics, and a developer that cares about their content. 

If you feel like keeping yourself occupied for the foreseeable gaming future, a great MOBA is probably worth considering, and not just because it’s free. 

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