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Review: Gallic Wars: Battle Simulator


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Wars aren’t all about who has the biggest army or the best equipment, though this obviously helps. Most battles are won off the back of well thought out tactics and using the landscape to your advantage. Gallic Wars: Battle Simulator allows you the opportunity to become a Gaul general to overthrow the Roman empire.

Developed by MadGamesmith and published by Ultimate Games, this is a rogue-like tactical simulation game. This fast-paced title asks you to control a small army of Gauls who must use wit, traps, magic, and the environment to overcome the Roman Legions.

Which way will your campaign go?

Gallic Wars: Battle Simulator is difficult and confusing.

I have no problem when a game is challenging, but Gallic Wars: Battle Simulator is something else! The simple stage design and clear battle information should give way to a clear and easy-to-understand concept, sadly it does not! A poor tutorial leaves you with more questions than answers and you are left scratching your head not knowing what to do. With plenty of trial and error and many failed stages, you’ll finally grasp the fundamentals of this ever-changing game.

The game campaign is separated by tiered battles and during each layer, you are issued a set of troops. Whether these troops live or die matters not. Once they are used, you never see them again. You must judge the difficulty of every fight from the limited information given. You set your troops, plan your approach, and hope your tactics are correct.

It’s all-out warfare.

Winning is bittersweet.

Victory earns you extra troops, magic, or traps. Failure is humiliating and hinders your next battle. The unfair challenge and my biggest gripe come from the imbalance in the tactics. As you start a level, you place your troops in a green box. You know where the enemy will be placed because of a red box. You create a plan, set your troops off, and realise that the opposing force is in a different area altogether. Your approach is wrong and you fail miserably. It’s impossible to plan, as you don’t know what the enemy is doing. It’s unfair because they know exactly what you will do, and this gives them an advantage.

Death and failure are guaranteed, as are frustration and rage. I’m rarely disappointed by games, but Gallic Wars: Battle Simulator is disappointing! Conceptually its sound and its unusual take on the genre should be applauded. However, its execution is so poorly balanced that it’s devoid of entertainment and feels unfairly chaotic throughout.

I desperately wanted to enjoy it, but attempting to get through the campaign was like walking through quicksand. There is a lot of effort and you can see the finish line, but you never get there and death is all but certain.

Gallic Wars: Battle Simulator is basic to look at and lacks detail.

Gallic Wars: Battle Simulator’ issues stem from the lack of visual details. The simplicity of its graphics makes it tough to know what to do and how to use the environment to your benefit. It’s not unfair to say I’ve seen better quality mobile phone games that are also more in-depth. On a large screen, the images are so washed out that you struggle to identify units and your tactical choices. I did however like the use of vibrant colours and the Asterix and Obelix style art used for the still images. They are high quality and I wish this had been the standard throughout.

The audio was also so, so. The music had a hearty feel and was full of oomph and drama and the sound effects were loud and replicated the battlefield brilliantly. Sadly, though, the acting was dry and lifeless and attempted to drive humour into the bland gameplay. For me, at least, it failed. It wasn’t the worst audio I’ve heard; I was simply left uninspired.

Use the bridge to stem the flow.

The weak tutorial undermines the control setup.

Tutorials should fill you with hope and confidence that you’ll overcome whatever the game throws at you. The tutorial in Gallic Wars: Battle Simulator successfully muddies the water and leaves you confused. You’ll hammer the buttons aimlessly trying to set traps, change troops, or activate magic. It was frustrating and makes a tough game an awful lot harder.

If this was simple to play and had a clearer concept, it would be super addictive. Controlling a Gaul is an interesting idea, especially when you have lots of tools at your disposal. In its current build, you’ll be turned off, and turn off quickly. It has few redeeming features that’ll make you keep playing.

Gallic Wars: Battle Simulator: an unfulfilling game that has plenty of potential.

Being negative about games is never nice, but Gallic Wars: Battle Simulator is an unfulfilling mess. With a wonderful concept and unique take on the genre it had such potential, it’s a shame it failed to fulfil it. With confusing gameplay, unbalanced tactics, and nondescript graphics this isn’t a game I’m willing to recommend. If, however, you want to try it, you can here! The Gauls wish to overthrow the Romans one battle at a time. Are you the man to assist them, or will you give it a miss? 


Gallic Wars: Battle Simulator is a game that fails to live up to its potential. Poor graphics a lack of direction, and unfair gameplay leave a bad taste in your mouth.

+ The still images are wonderful.
+ The soundtrack matches the theme.
+ Interesting concept.
- Poor controls.
- In play graphics lack detail.
- Poorly executed concept.
- Fails to reach its potential.

(Reviewed on the Xbox Series X. Also available on PC, Nintendo Switch and PlayStation.)
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