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Review: Say No! More


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Tired of toxic office environments? Are you being pushed to the edge without recognition or respect? Don’t want to be a “Yes” person anymore? Studio Fizbin, and Lux Games may have the right answer, then. Say No! More is, as the developers put it, the World’s first ever NPG (No-Playing Game). Customize your gender-friendly player and choose the language you want to hear “No!” in. Go on tirades from the bottom level, and climb your way up the corporate chain rejecting and refusing demands of all sizes. On paper this narrative title holds the recipe for a great playthrough. However, Say No! More is a bit of a one trick pony that won’t be funny to everyone, but it may lift some spirits for those with a little social anxiety.

The Magic Word

Getting some real Katamari Damacy vibes here

You begin the story as an intern at a some corporate office job, and immediately get your lunchbox taken by your new supervisor on day one. The workplace is vile and everyone is at each others’ throats for their own personal and professional gain. After being shown your workspace, you pick up a cassette tape and listen to some evangelical being tell you that it’s time to say no! With this new confidence begins the actual gameplay, broken up into 8 chapters. Say No! More is like a rail shooter almost, where you’re taken from one interaction to another finding new ways to say no!

“Grab me coffee please?”


“Fix the Printer, intern!”


Is there any underlying issue about the message from this game?

And that’s the entire game, literally. There is no way to fail each confrontation. Just go A to B and follow the story. There may be a conversation where saying nothing is the best option, but that’s about it. You could theoretically blast through portions of the game saying the same firm “no!” the entire time without trying new ways. For experienced gamers, this playthrough will be a slog. Especially if the player doesn’t enjoy the story or get the humor.

Saying “No!” In Style

Since this is in-fact a story driven narrative, for those who want a light-hearted and easy experience this may be the right fit. The music pushes the positive message well, and the art style is clean and fun, albeit a bit strange and cringe at times. The characters walk funny and their faces are a bit creepy. If creating a sense of awkwardness was the developers’ main goal then I declare a job well done in this regard. For the use of simple voxels, Say No! More really does feel like it has it’s own swagger about it. There’s not really another game like this one.

Choose which expressions fit your demeanor the best to say no!

For a game with such simple mechanics, the character creation has a lot of options to fully realize your protagonist. You can choose which creepy face to roll with, or whether to rock overalls, or a leather jacket. Modern offices have a relatively relaxed dress code these days, so kudos to the game for being with the times.

Bottom Line

While I appreciate the attempt at a quirky new take on narrative games, I personally didn’t find the humor all that good, though the subject matter was very relatable. The first couple of chapters were entertaining enough, but the rest of the playthrough dragged on a bit, even though it’s only like a 1.5 hour story. If you’re not hooked from the beginning, you won’t find much the rest of the way. That’s not to say it’s a bad game, however. There are many out there who have praised and said good things about Say No! More. I apparently fall into the category of the players who just didn’t seem to get it, and for that I will say No [thank you]!


+ funny and uplifting story for a quick playthrough
+ good music and overall presentation
- very limited gameplay mechanics
- no extra content

(Reviewed on Nintendo Switch. Also available on Steam)
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Wil Raterman
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+ funny and uplifting story for a quick playthrough <br /> + good music and overall presentation <br /> - very limited gameplay mechanics <br /> - no extra content <br /> <br /> (Reviewed on Nintendo Switch. Also available on Steam)Review: Say No! More