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Review: Ride 3


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Ride 3 is a grown-up racing video game. The Ride series has always taken a serious stance when simulating racing, and this game is no different. Unlike other games in the genre, Ride 3 makes racing a serious matter, delivering the most realistic motorbike video game to date.

A Riders Dream

When you first start Ride 3, you will instantly realise the games incredible customisation options, available from the get-go of the game. Ride 3 not only lets you customise your character but also your bike, giving you numerous colour and other cosmetic options. In this regard, the game stands out, making you feel like a motorbike racer with your very own personalised bike. Similarly, the sheer variety of bikes available is impressive; the game has them all from the RS 125 Aprilia to the BMW F800 R. As a result, Ride 3 is a motorbike enthusiasts dream. The hundreds of bikes available are outstanding adding depth and considerable replayability to the game.

As already highlighted, you shouldn’t expect Ride 3 to be a shoot from the hip, quirky racer with powerups and funny looking characters/vehicles. Fun in this game comes from the pure joy of racing and that alone, which comes in several different racing modes, including quick play, time trial and a career mode. All of these modes are excellent, adding variety to the game. The seriousness of Ride 3, devoted to a motorbike fanboy rather than the average racing fan, makes this game stand out.

Graphics That Can’t Catch up

Ride 3 is by and large a near-perfect simulation of competitive motorbike racing. In reality, though, this game is only meant for the most hardcore of biking fans. I quickly found myself getting bored with the game after a few laps of Garda Lake in Italy. However, this isn’t to the detriment of the game. Simply, I’m not Ride 3’s target audience, and that’s not a bad thing. The games built for motorbike racing fans who love the thrill of racing, and it executes that perfectly.

Ride 3, alongside its excellent customisation options and bike variety, has access to many tracks. Such as the Ulster Gp, which further adds to the immersive racing experience. On the other hand, despite the positives of the game, it’s not without its flaws. Ride 3 is an excellent racing simulator but honestly doesn’t look that great. The game looks grainy and lacks the graphical fidelity expected from a game of this nature. Unfortunately, the game’s graphics let it down, making it look lacklustre on current and last generation consoles, despite the game’s graphics taking away from the immersive racing experience. Ride 3 still stands proud as a great racing game simulator.


Overall, Ride 3 is a superb motorbike racing simulator. Despite its lacklustre graphics, Ride 3 is an immersive motorbike racing experience. It is built for those who love or want to experience the thrill of nitty-gritty motorbike racing. If you love motorbike racing, pick up this game, it won’t let you down.


+Great customisation
+Insane variety of bikes and tracks
+Various modes adding replayability
-Poor graphics
(Reviewed on Xbox Series S, also available on PS4, PC and other Xbox One consoles)
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