FamilyReview: LEGO Vidiyo

Review: LEGO Vidiyo


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LEGO have released a new range called Vidiyo, and we got our hands on some for review.

LEGO VIDIYO, a music video maker experience that allows children to unleash their creativity – directing, producing and sharing their own music videos, is the perfect way to keep children entertained all summer as they re-create their favourite artists’ live performance – or get creative and make up their own!

Each set includes a figure and attachments, a special carry box and multiple BeatBits to use.

The box even allows you to safely store all your attachments and BeatBits with each character.

Building the LEGO sets are a lot fun – just like any other LEGO set. It doesn’t matter how old you are, building LEGO never gets old and is always enjoyable.

Once you have built your Vidiyo set it’s time to scan the character into the Vidiyo app. The app is free and is easy to use – create a band, scan the character, and then it’s time to make a music video.

Each set has 14 random and 2 special BeatBits which are small tiles that provide effects to the music video. You have to select a minimum of three tiles, but you can have as many as 12 per character. You then have to scan the character and BeatBits into the app so that then music video knows which BeatBits you have selected. You pick an area to create you music video stage and pick your music, then its time to make your video. During the video making process your character can do all sorts of things depending on what BeatBit you select – for example they can dress up like a Panda and dance around, and so many more. There are over 130 BeatBits to collect and you can mix and match them with any of the Vidiyo sets.

Making the video is so much fun, and with so many BeatBits to choose from and so many songs to pick you will spend hours and hours making cool music videos and adding to your band. As you add characters and make videos you earn more points too!

LEGO Vidiyo is such a fantastic idea to keep children (and some adults) interested, no two videos will be the same, and you will have hours and hours of fun playing with the sets, making videos and exploring the app. And the sets can easily be carried around and used anywhere.

LEGO Vidiyo sets are available now, and you can learn more from the LEGO website.

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