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As a child, I loved playing JRPGs. With a lack of money growing up, I never had the freedom to buy multiple titles. So I was drawn to this genre because of its value for money, style, and interesting stories. As I’ve grown, I’ve not played as many of these games as I’d like, so when I was offered one to review, albeit a demo, I jumped at the chance. tERRORbane has recently been announced to the world, and I was fortunate enough to get a sneaky peak to give you my insight.

Developed and published by BitNine Studios, this JRPG is a tongue-in-cheek title. A lighthearted affair that mocks the clichés that exist in the genre and the gaming industry. Following the classic RPG approach, fans of these games will feel right at home with its comfortable mechanics, standard imagery, and expected storyline.

tERRORbane has a unique edge that makes it stand out.

By not taking itself seriously, tERRORbane stands out from its peers. Unlike many games that create an immersive culture through its story and audio, this one breaks the 4th wall and invites you to interact with the “developer”. This leads to a comical insight into the great minds behind the game.

The “developer” is trying to create the “perfect” game. Sadly for him, his creation is riddled with bugs and errors. The protagonist known as tERRORbane wanders around a gloriously old-school world uncovering glitches and bugs in each of the chapters of the story. Each section has a set amount for you to find and only by exploring the surrounding areas will you find them all.

Just the world falling apart.

Hilarious bugs.

The game has a story that you must follow to its predictable conclusion. Yet en route you a free to explore the villages and talk to the locals. These adventures uncover a multitude of errors within the game’s code. Finding each leads to some funny and unusual moments. A game rarely wants you to find its game-breaking issues, but in tERRORbane, it’s a must.

With the “developers” reputation on the line, you must explore the gaming world, uncovering all the hidden issues. If you are successful, you’ll become the Bane of Errors and you’ll have witnessed some wonderful nods to previous gaming moments. With many hidden Easter eggs for you to discover, you’ll spend as much time enjoying the bugs as you will the references to past gaming greats.

The blue screen of doom!

A lovely JRPG experience.

What I particularly like about tERRORbane is the classic JRPG approach. The simple pixelated sprites, the sharp colours, and the easy-to-read text were all wonderful. It all harks back to the genre’s heyday. I could only see one chapter, but I hope there will be a variety in design and the bugs and glitches become more outrageous.

The audio follows the graphical approach with a retro style of shrill simple music and basic sound effects. The constant noise of the “developer” cursing his luck will amuse you and this enhanced the lighthearted take on the genre. Like the graphics, I hope the developers consider adding a variety of songs. This will prevent the action from becoming monotonous and will reflect the game’s many influences.

Knight vs rock, who will win?

Keyboard only controls with no customer option.

Being mainly a console player, I’m a little rusty on my use of Mouse and Keyboard. With a set layout, you must move with the arrow keys and use an array of buttons for actions. Even with my rustiness, it was simple enough to play. I did, however, find it a little odd that there were no custom options available. Going forward it would be beneficial if this was added alongside controller support.

With a main story to get hooked on and multiple bugs and errors to find, I’m sure this will keep you entertained throughout. Its simple style sucks you in and its humorous writing and classic look will make you want to keep playing. As long as BitNine Studios maintain this standard from start to finish, this is bound to be a success.

I’ve had a small taste of tERRORbane and now I want more.

The demo gave me enough of an insight to know I want to keep playing. This small snippet got me hooked and I want to see how crazy these glitches become. If you love the genre, I’m sure you will adore this unusual lighthearted tale. Sadly it’s not available until Q3 2021, but all great things are worth waiting for. I enjoyed my time with it, so pre-order it here! Games are rarely bug free, but this one is purposefully infested. Follow the story, find the glitches, and become a hero!


tERRORbane is an unusual JRPG that breaks the 4th wall. Embrace the madness, enjoy the Easter eggs, and find all the whacky bugs.

(Reviewed on PC. Also available on Nintendo Switch Q3 2021.)

Daniel Waite
My gaming career started on an Amiga and spans many consoles! Currently, I game using an MSI laptop and Xbox Series X. A fan of every genre, I love to give anything a go. Former editor and reviewer for, I'm loving my new home here at Movies Games and Tech. I can be contacted for gaming reviews on the following email: [email protected]

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