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Review: Drive Buy


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And They’re Off

I have been a fan of multiplayer car-battle games since the original Super Mario Kart on Super Nintendo. Simultaneously chasing and being chased by friends with weapons of vehicular mass destruction has always been a blast. Drive Buy by developer Glitchers has a great base to build a four-player car-battle game out of, but seems a little underdone in its current iteration.

Modes of Transportation

Drive Buy is an always-online “delivery combat” multiplayer game that currently has 3 modes and 2 maps to choose from:

Delivery Battle – a mode where drivers deliver packages to earn credits while using power-ups to steal credits from each other.

Piggy Bank – One driver earns credits by carrying the piggy bank around the map while all others try to steal the bank for themselves. The winner is the driver with the most credits when the timer goes out or the first driver to 1,000 credits.

Pay Day – My personal favorite. The map is littered with coins at the start and drivers race to pick up as many as they can. Once all of the coins have been collected, players attack each other with power-ups to see who can finish the event with the most coins.

All 3 modes are 5 minute long matches, which keeps up a frantic pace. Every match seems to come down to the last ten seconds of chaos, with the winning driver being the one to get a last second hit in before the clock hits zero. 

While there are 2 different maps to choose from, they are almost indistinguishable from each other.

While players have a handful of weapons at their disposal, there is not a ton of variety.  Rockets, land mines, and freeze rays are the most notable selections to be found. Weapons are picked up by running over question marks on the field, with the bounty being randomized. 

But How Does She Handle?

Drive Buy’s controls are very straight forward: there are buttons for gas, boosting, brake/reverse, drifting, and launching your weapons. In the beginning, I was not impressed with the floaty controls, but they grew on me the longer I played. It is satisfying to boost past an opponent, see them fire a rocket at you and escape the pending explosion by drifting around a corner. 

If you are expecting the responsiveness of Mario Kart, you will absolutely be disappointed. Looked at through its own lens though, the floatiness fits the gameplay well.

During my time with the game on Nintendo Switch, I had more than a few instances of a serious frame rate drop when the action got hectic. I experienced this in both an online match and during an offline training session, meaning it wasn’t due to the internet connection.

This Bad Boy Can Fit So Much Customization

Customization is the name of the game in Drive Buy. You will instantly be familiar with the system if you have played Rocket League, Fall Guys, or FortNite. Players are able to customize the skins on their vehicles, emotes, wheels, smoke trails, and badges. 

These rewards can either be earned from the rewards you receive by leveling up your season pass or by using the game’s in-game currency to purchase that day’s limited items. The currency is earned by completing challenges or through leveling up. There is currently no way to purchase credits and can only be earned by playing. The cosmetics also provide no competitive advantage – they only show off how unique you are.

Take It For A Spin

In its current form, Drive Buy feels like an early access game. That being said, for the price, this game deserves a go at your next multiplayer night.


+ Fast-paced action
+ Plenty of customization option
- Needs more content
- Serious frame rate issues at times

(Reviewed on Nintendo Switch. Also available on PC)
Wyatt J. Sinclair
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