GamingReview: What The Dub?!

Review: What The Dub?!


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What The Dub?! is a fantastic laugh out loud party game full of hilarity and fun. The game adds its unique take on the party game genre producing a game that stands out amongst its peers but may lack substance in the long run.

In’dub’itable fun

At its core, What The Dub?! is simply a voice-over exercise, you a player of What The Dub?!, is shown a particular video sequence from an old school film or show and asked what the characters say next, the player with the best answer wins and thus, wins the game. That is it. The gameplay and concept behind the game are simple, but that is what makes it so great. There are not several different complex mechanics you need to learn to play the game, much like other party games but instead a straightforward premise and concept that is genuinely hilarious. Thus, the game is easy to pick up for gamers and non-gamers alike and is the perfect party game. Dubbing the various video clips is an excellent concept entertaining all age demographics, making this game something special.

There are many videos to dub over, and each of them gives an early 20th-century vibe that makes dubbing particularly amusing. You can play the game solo, but the magic happens when playing multiplayer. The seriousness of the clips, combined with guessing and finding out your teammate’s comical dub, makes the game a blast to play, being funny from start to finish.

In Game Footage

Brilliant Gameplay but Limited Replayability

What The Dub?! also has a great vibe with energetic old school game show music with a great voice over, making you feel like you are on a game show from a bygone era. All of this compliments the funny but straightforward design and concept of the game, only adding to its appeal. However, although the game is simple and does an excellent job, it might not have enough meat on the bone at times.

Although the gameplay is impressive, there needs to be more of it. There is only one primary game mode: the simple dub mode spread out across single and multiplayer. The core concept of gameplay is a standout and could be incorporated into other game modes that may add to the game’s longevity through variety. Thus, at the moment, What The Dub?! doesn’t have much replayability. The game is likely to become relatively dry after several attempts. That’s not to say the gameplay is not good. It is outstanding. It is just too much of any good thing is too much. Constant repetition of this game mode may make the game boring in the long run.

Multiplayer Fun


Overall, What The Dub?! is a standout out party game. At its core, it is a simple party game that wholly succeeds in everything it sets out to do. The fundamental dubbing concept behind the game is witty and makes the game hilarious and a standout in the genre. Nevertheless, there needs to be more of it, spread out across many game modes. At the moment, the game lacks replayability which will hamper it in the long run.


+Hilarious but simple gameplay
+Great concept and design
+Appealing music and voice over
+Fun Multiplayer and Single-player
-Limited modes
-Lack of replayability

(Reviewed on Xbox Series S, also available on PS5, PS4, PC, Nintendo Switch and other Xbox One consoles)
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