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The Philip K Dick Estate Team Up with The Folio Society for Limited Edition Complete Short Stories


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In 2019 the Philip K. Dick estate approached The Folio Society with a new idea for a truly spectacular project. The result is The Complete Short Stories, a four-volume set celebrating the extraordinary creative output of a singular mind. Limited to 750 copies, this box set features a dizzying array of special features, including a two-part presentation box, bindings and endpapers designed by La Boca. A work of art on every level, The Complete Short Stories is an essential set not only for science-fiction aficionados, but for anyone with a passion for illustrative art and twentieth century literature.

In a unique project for The Folio Society, twenty-four illustrators were commissioned to create their own take on one Philip K. Dick short story, chosen for them from the 118 tales. With such a variety of artists selected, the illustrations produced for this set span a wide spectrum of styles, approaches and mediums. Each artwork is a step into a new world, making this, the first illustrated edition of The Complete Short Stories, an irresistible visual feast.

©The Folio Society

The Folio Society edition is introduced with an essay by American novelist Jonathan Lethem, in which he examines how, taken together, Dick’s stories build a view of the universe that is both deeply paranoid and oddly joyful, lovingly constructed from the building blocks of science fiction.

The interior of the box for this spectacular set is lined with two specially designed papers; a multi-coloured ‘glitch’ pattern generated from the words ‘Folio S’ and ‘La Boca’, and a starry night sky, chosen to reflect Dick’s fascination with space travel and technology. Every aspect of this production has been designed with care and a consideration towards the ground-breaking nature of Dick’s work.

Philip K. Dick 

Philip K. Dick was born in Chicago in 1928. At around the age of 12 Dick read his first science-fiction magazine, which led to a lifelong engagement with the genre. After a brief stint at the University of Berkeley in 1949, he worked in a record store, Art Music Company. He wrote full-time from 1951, when he sold his first short story, and went on to produce 44 novels and five collections of short stories. Dick struggled to achieve mainstream success, his non-science-fiction novels being returned by his agent in 1963, but received enormous acclaim in the science-fiction world for his works exploring metaphysics, theology and politics. Dick died in 1982.

La Boca 

Specialising in illustration and image-making, La Boca attempt to create worlds immersed in retina-teasing colour and tactile atmospheres. They are not averse to a little strangeness and abstraction, but their aim, always, is to connect with an audience. The studio have worked with a wide range of clients, on projects ranging from record covers for underground record labels, through to international advertising campaigns for global brands.

Twenty-four Different Artists 

With six full-colour illustrations in each volume, every illustration in this beautiful set showcases the skills of 24 extraordinary artists. With such a variety of artists selected, the illustrations produced for this set span a wide spectrum of styles, approaches and mediums

Chris MalbonAshley MackenzieGeorge Wylesol
Tavis CoburnAudrey BenjaminsenAlice Tye
Dave McKeanYehrin TongAnna Mills
Simon PradeGeorgia HillDamien Jeon
Jeremy WilsonRaisa ÁlavaKatherine Lam
Greg RuthRaid71Kristian Hammwerstad
Charles ChaissonViktor HachmangCorey Brickley
Hilary ClarcqG. SaundersAnna Millais

The Complete Short Stories 

By Philip K. Dick 

Introduced by Jonathan Lethem 

Illustrated by 24 different artists 

Bindings and box designed by La Boca

Available exclusively from The Folio Society –

Price:  UK £495.00 | US $745.00 | CA $945.00 | AU $1,150.00

Production Details:

Limited to 750 hand-numbered copies

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