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Upcoming Must-Have Games for PSVR Users


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During the recent PlayStation VR Spotlight, Sony presented a number of PSVR compatible games, which are scheduled for release in 2021. Just like many other VR games, the list consists of titles that will turn the players into the game’s hero, giving them the opportunity to explore, to use weapons, to use special powers and to interact with NPCs or even other players. All that is possible, by simply using the VR headset, PS Move and the VR Aim controller. 

VR Gaming Is Not Everyone’s Favourite, but It is Worth Trying

It is no secret that Sony has had a hard time selling as many PSVR units as they would have wished to sell, and the reason for that is that the product does not really give players something extravagant. Most players feel that spending so much money in order to get a headset that offers inferior gaming is not as rewarding as playing Mega Moolah in New Zealand – and they are not wrong. The VR gaming experience players have had up to now feels like gaming has gone back to its sixth generation. Nevertheless, things are about to change as studios are starting to focus on VR gaming, and this means that virtual reality is going to get a lot better. 

The 2021 VR Highlights

If you have managed to buy a Sony PlayStation 5, then you are up for a treat. All PSVR games are compatible with Sony’s ninth-generation console and this means that you will be able to play some incredible virtual reality games on your new console. The most anticipated VR game of the year is, of course, After the Fall. This cinematic action-adventure title is a fast-paced game that will get your heart beating faster in no time. It is a masterpiece created by the team that worked on Arizona Sunshine, and it is the game that is expected to be named the VR Game of the Year. 

Another highly anticipated VR title is Doom 3: VR Edition. This version of the game consists of the original Doom 3 game and of all its DLCs. The only difference is that now, players will have the ability to play it in VR, and this promises to make the gaming experience even more enjoyable. Doom is the trademark game for first-person action, and getting the opportunity to play it in a virtual reality environment feels like a natural step for the evolution of the series. 

VR Games Worth Their Money

Fracked is a title that aims to steal the spotlight from games like After the Fall and Doom 3. This game will make you feel like a superspy, not only because of the covert ops you will need to take part in but also because of everything you need to do to complete your missions. From skiing to climbing and from shooting down opponents to stealth missions, this game can offer you many hours of gameplay. 

If you are a fan of JRPGs, then you should consider buying a copy of Zenith. This game feels like the VR equivalent of games such as Persona and Sword Art Online. All you have to do is to put on your VR gear and to take a dive into the magical open world of Zenith.

The last VR must-have of 2021 is Song in the Smoke. If you are a fan of games such as Ark Survival Evolved, then you really need to give this game a try. Just like in Ark, your survival depends on your every move. You will need to eat, to hunt, and to use your weapons in order to stay alive. 

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