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Review: Moving Out


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Couch Co-op games are massive business. The last 18 months have had families locked in their houses with little more to do than; home school, argue, and play games. So why not combine 2 of those things and take part in a guaranteed fight by playing one of the many couch co-op games that are available?

Moving Out by developers; SMG Studio and DEVM Games and publisher Team 17 Digital LTD is a fast-paced and hectic family friendly game about a moving company attempting to complete many jobs. I first discovered this at EGX 2019. We laughed and played it for 1 hour straight as we screamed at each other for failing to move furniture and boxes correctly. From that moment I was champing at the bit to get my hands on a copy. With its release on Gamepass for Xbox and PC, I played it to death, and now I return to it because of its newly released DLC Movers in Paradise.

Fun, frustration, and plenty of fights.

The concept of this is straightforward. Go to your job, move the required items to the van, and go home! If only it were that simple, though. Each job has many hurdles to overcome, with pitfalls around every corner wanting to catch you out. Animals run amuck, chasms will appear, obstacles will block your path and more.

That’s one way to cut the tape from these boxes.

You are a team of workers, and you must join forces to move the objects quickly and safely. Lost or broken furniture is unacceptable, and certain pieces require multiple bodies to move it. It’s a logistical nightmare, and one that will test your patience and communication skills. Alongside your day job, you are expected to complete secret tasks to be awarded medals.

Break windows, move turtles or garden ornaments, chuck boxes and so forth. These additional challenges add an extra layer of difficulty and shouldn’t be taken lightly. To get them all, you are likely to have; lost friends, gotten a divorce, and developed a nervous twitch. Don’t say you haven’t been warned!

It’s exactly what you want from a couch Co-op.

When I look at family friendly games, I still want it to contain a challenging element, and Moving Out has struck that balance brilliantly! With gameplay modifiers that can assist a solo player or a struggling team, to the aforementioned additional challenges, there really is something for everyone.

To add to that, each stage can be approached in manageable chunks. You needn’t worry that your little angels will get bored as rounds can be finished in minutes. You can play as seriously or as casually as your team of movers likes, and this makes it accessible to gamers of all ages and abilities.

Why on earth would you want to move a boulder?

It’s awash with colour.

Like many of its peers; Overcooked 1, 2 and Tools Up, this is a bright cartoon based game that is a treat for the sense. The plasticine style character models with their many skins allow each player the freedom to express which best suits their personality. The level designs are ingenious with many quirky touches, and each has a unique look. I particularly enjoyed the world map. It wasn’t just a method of moving from one mission to the next, no, it held its own secrets and objectives if you looked close enough.

When you play with 4 players, it’s all hands to the pump, and the action gets hectic, items fly everywhere, but the gameplay never stutters or falters. It’s incredibly smooth and though you’ll want to scream with rage, it’s never because of performance issues.

An 80s inspired game show style audio plays out as you desperately try to move all the boxes. The upbeat synthesised pop music gets you and the team ready for some heavy lifting. It was a great choice as its playful tones matched the light-hearted nature of the gameplay. This was then married up with ear splitting crashes and bangs from dropping boxes, breaking furniture and smashing glass. It’s sensory overload, but man did I love it.

Furniture and fire do not mix.

So simple, a child will play it.

Why aim a game at youngsters if you are going to make it hard to master? This must have been considered by the developers, as this is one of the easiest couch co-op games I’ve attempted. If my 4 and 6-year-olds can play it, then anyone can. Just be warned that your patience will be pushed if you try to involve young family members, and you’re likely to scream out loud.

A sign of a great game is that you’ve loved playing it, and you can’t wait to play it again. Moving Out ticks both these boxes and more. With its variety in stage design, difficulty choices, ability to play solo and the multitude of challenges, this one has a lot of replay value. To buy it outright at £19.99 it’s great value for money. If you subscribe to Gamepass, you get to install it for free as part of your subscription.

Moving furniture has never been such fun!

Who’d have thought that furniture removal could be so enjoyable? Yes, there’s a lot of heavy lifting, you’re likely to lose friends, and you may finish with one less child, but you had fun on the way. Moving Out is a simple concept executed brilliantly, and I can’t help but recommend it. Download it on Gamepass or buy it here! Go from job to job with your team of movers. Remove everything without destroying the house, unless of course your secret objectives ask you to! Complete the tasks, gain all the medals, and become the best movers in town.


Monopoly has nothing on this. There will be fights, fallouts and laughter as you try to become the best movers in town. Moving Out is a fantastic example of a couch co-op game that ticks every box.

+ Family friendly fun.
+ Excellent graphics.
+ Whimsical audio.
+ Easy to play.
+ Addictive.
+ Free on Gamepass.
- Guaranteed fallouts.

(Reviewed on the Xbox Series X. Also available on PC, Nintendo Switch and PlayStation.)
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