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Review: Talking Tom Candy Run


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At its heart, Talking Tom Candy Run is an endless runner. Although it has some appealing features with a cute art style and charming music. It does not reinvent the wheel in terms of what an endless runner can do. Thus, Talking Tom Candy Run is a rather uninspiring endless runner, adding relatively little to an already saturated genre.

Not all that sweet

From first starting Talking Tom Candy Run the games cartoon-style graphics and music immediately strike you. It is charming and adds a nice joyful feel to the game. The game involves you controlling Talking Tom (a cat) and his companions through a side-scrolling level, collecting candies, which improves your score. This mechanic is a classic. Since the birth of side-scrolling endless runners, almost nearly all of them had had this simple mechanic of gaining collectables to better your score. Think of Temple Run, one of the subgenres most popular titles. Talking Tom Candy Run is no exception, just this time you are collecting candies. Thus, the game in a nutshell.

Side scrolling action

Besides a reasonably bland co-op mode and an NPC challenge mode, Talking Tom Candy Run adds nothing new to endless runners’ genre. It involves simple endless runner gameplay with no depth. I quickly found myself getting bored with the game due to its repetitiveness. Although I am negatively portraying the game, it’s not a bad endless runner. It just adds very little to the genre, which is disappointing.

On a positive note, it is worth pointing out the game makes the player collect these candies to build a candy store. The more candies you collect, the bigger your store will become. The addition of a shop building mechanic is a nice feature. Instead of the game making you collect candies to purchase powerups, there is an objective to this candy collecting mayhem. I can see the ability to upgrade your shop, adding an addictive element to the game. Likewise, the game does a good job in adding, although not deep, some levels of customisation, which is also a nice touch.

A classic level

The games a bit mallow

Nevertheless, Talking Tom Candy Run shouldn’t have been on console platforms such as the Xbox One and PlayStation 4. It does not reinvent the wheel in terms of endless runner mechanics. The graphics are nice, but simple, making the game best suited for mobile and handled devices such as the Nintendo Switch rather than on these platforms, and there is no depth to its other game modes or customisation options. Thus, the game’s best suited to the mobile and handheld devices’ pick-up and go mentality and played best there.


Talking Tom Candy Run is not a good game. Despite a few nice features, it fails to reinvent the endless runner genre’s wheel adding nothing new, making the game repetitive and boring. It also has very little depth, in terms of its gameplay modes, customisation and graphical capability making the game best suited to mobile and handheld devices.


+Charming art style and music
+Candy shop building mechanic
-Doesn't add anything new to the genre
-Little depth in-game modes, graphics and customisation
-Poor experience on PS4 and Xbox consoles

(Reviewed on Xbox Series S, also available on IOS, Android, Nintendo Switch, PS4 and other Xbox One consoles)
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