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Review: Hitman 3


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When you have a franchise that spans several forms of media, you know that you have a fantastic concept, and a captivated audience. Books, films, and a recently completed gaming trilogy help to show off Agent 47’s shadow world. This popular, bald killer for hire has finally made it to the last chapter in this gaming series as Hitman 3 makes its long awaited appearance.

Developed and published by IO Interactive, the gaming franchise has been around since 2016, and has endured minor alterations in that time. Receiving multiple accolades, it is no wonder that its many fans were champing at the bit to get their hands on the latest instalment. A stealth game at the heart of its concept, you must control Agent 47 as he attempts to complete the many objectives set before him to complete his contracts.

Free to do it your own way.

Though the developers have pushed for you to hide in plain sight, killing your target only when the time is right, you are given the freedom to run in all guns blazing if you so wish. Though this is likely to end in tears, so it’s not advised. How you complete any mission is entirely your own choice, and as long as you are successful, you are free to do it your own way. This allows you the freedom to eliminate who you wish and in whatever manner. As with the previous titles, assassination methods and weapons of choice are all very similar, so it has a content Deja vu feeling to it.

Even the rich and famous need to fear this faceless assassin.

This rehash of the much loved tools of the trade doesn’t take away from the brilliance of the 3rd game. No, it allows avid fans a safety blanket or warm murderous familiarity, and those new to the series will experience a complex yet uncomplicated approach to killing. What is new, however, is the camera system which allows you to observe and hack your way through digital displays. A helpful tool that allows you access to many a restricted space.

Restricted areas are nothing for Agent 47.

As with the previous chapters, stripping men and leaving them in their pants is part and parcel of Hitman 3. It’s an undignified end for your poor victims, but needs must and all that. Hiding them in cupboards and boxes helps to cover up your heinous crimes and is unfortunately par for the course. This ability to walk freely and listen to your targets is the main draw of this game, at least it is for me. Grabbing snippets of vital information and looking for key moments to knock off each contract was a thrill. Whether you choose to; poison, drown, shoot, garrote or crush someone, it all takes planning and finesse, and this makes for an irresistible challenge.

The game’s story is split over 6 incredible locations that are arguably the best in the series. Well designed venues with multiple locations add many opportunities and approaches to completing each objective. You’ll visit; Dubai, the UK, Germany, China, Argentina and Romania. This stunning range of maps is also combined with content and progress from Hitman 2 and 1 if you own them. I can’t talk about other systems, but on Series X it was a simple process to merge the information and IO Interactive have done well to allow players to use one hub to continue their progress.

Just because you are a killer doesn’t mean you can’t take in the view

Murder has never been such fun.

It’s a little worrying when killing can be viewed as a fun pastime, but in Hitman 3 you will chuckle with delight. Some assassination methods are repeated from previous encounters, but this mattered not as the new kills were phenomenal. The convoluted and absurd approaches were so insane that you have to laugh when every piece falls into place. You can’t help but wonder how the developers came up with such bizarre methods to end someone’s life.

It isn’t all about the different venues and ploughing through the main quest lines. You are free to take on online contracts, play mini-games, and snipe for fun if you have it unlocked. There is so much to tuck into, that losing your life to this title wouldn’t be unthinkable. It prides itself on its single player approach and doesn’t hide its desire to keep it that way. This bucking the trend of “multiplayer is best” is refreshing and screams to the hermit within me. Hitman allows me glorious silence and slow gameplay, and I don’t have to answer to anyone or anything as I attempt to be victorious.

Jaw dropping graphics and audio to die for.

When I saw the trailers I was amazed by how great it looked, yet I never allow myself to get carried away by the hype. Too many times I have been sold a lie, and it’s thoroughly disappointing when it happens. Fortunately, Hitman 3 delivers exactly what was shown and more. Utilising the power of the Series X the world that you explore is undeniably amazing. The locations are beautiful, and the cutscenes make your jaw drop, it’s an incredible feat from the development team. Each stage is alive with people and stacked with interactive items, yet the gameplay never stutters or falters. If this is a sign of gaming to come, I’m sold.

The game looks incredible, yet it wouldn’t be anywhere near as atmospheric without its captivating audio. The voice over work delivers its lines at perfect pitch and speed. The characters are brilliantly varied and sell their part of each chapter exceptionally well. The environmental sounds peak and fade, allowing depth to the action. It’s a cinematic experience that works well and brings the game to life.

The neon hue of the city forms the perfect backdrop for your latest contract.

Complex gameplay that is simple to pick up.

For the many fans of this series, jumping into the 3rd instalment was as familiar as tying your shoes. But if this is your first try at Hitman, you’ll find a complex title that is easy to pick up. The developers have kindly provided a training section that oddly forms a portion of the game’s objectives. These missions are key to completing all progress, but also allow you to learn the fundamentals in a straightforward way. You’ll soon learn how to take down your opponent, and even here you will discover some cheeky killing methods that’ll make you chuckle.

Spending more time with a bald killer, rather than your respected other half, is part and parcel of this franchise. Once you open the door to the killing world, you’ll find that you are sucked in for hours at a time. Its many objectives, additional DLC, games and varied approaches mean that any one location can be attempted many times, and the outcome will be different. Replay value is synonymous with this franchise, and the latest addition doesn’t disappoint.

Life as a killer is lonely, cold, and oddly addictive.

The phrase, “Save the best until last” is apt here. IO Interactive has created a fantastic conclusion to this much loved series. Tying up all the loose ends with the game merging was a stroke of genius. Though it doesn’t reinvent the wheel in its approach to new killing methods or weapons. This familiarity works brilliantly for its many fans, and even better for those who have never tried it. It flaunts its single player status like a badge of honour, and this is part of what makes it great. If you are after a superb, tactical stealth game, then look no further. I absolutely recommend this, and it can be purchased here! Can you take on each of Agent 47’s contracts and come out on top? Will you go unnoticed, or kill everyone in sight? The choice is yours, just get the job done.


IO Interactive has saved the best until last. A stunningly enjoyable and in-depth stealth game that has it all. Plan your kills, and hide in plain sight. Remember, you can't be guilty if they never see you.

+ Incredible graphics.
+ Captivating audio.
+ Immense locations.
+ Complex yet simple controls.
+ So much replay value.
+ Great value for money.
- I don't want the franchise to end.

(Reviewed on the Xbox Series X. Also available on PC, Stadia, Nintendo Switch and PlayStation.)
Daniel Waite
Daniel Waite
My gaming career started on an Amiga and spans many consoles! Currently, I game using an MSI laptop and Xbox Series X. A fan of every genre, I love to give anything a go. Former editor and reviewer for, I'm loving my new home here at Movies Games and Tech. I can be contacted for gaming reviews on the following email:

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IO Interactive has saved the best until last. A stunningly enjoyable and in-depth stealth game that has it all. Plan your kills, and hide in plain sight. Remember, you can't be guilty if they never see you.<br/> <br/> + Incredible graphics.</br> + Captivating audio.<br/> + Immense locations.<br/> + Complex yet simple controls.<br/> + So much replay value.<br/> + Great value for money.<br/> - I don't want the franchise to end.<br/> <br/> (Reviewed on the Xbox Series X. Also available on PC, Stadia, Nintendo Switch and PlayStation.)<br/>Review: Hitman 3