GamingReview: Bridge Constructor: The Walking Dead

Review: Bridge Constructor: The Walking Dead


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Bridge Constructor: The Walking Dead is a good game. Some might expect that this game is lacklustre attempt to expand the already saturated Walking Dead universe. Raising an eyebrow to another Zombie videogame. But this is not the case and is no ordinary zombie game. It is a fun, intricate and smart bridge simulator and puzzle game. That deserves the spotlight.

Dead-ication is key

Bridge constructor: The Walking Dead is a bridge-building simulator at its heart, but a particularly clever one at that. From starting the beginning tutorial levels of the game. I was quickly impressed by the bridge/puzzle mechanics the game brings to the table. Resulting in intricate level design and presenting a real challenge. To complete a level, you have to manage to get your controllable characters to a checkpoint. While killing any walkers (zombies). Doing this requires intricate—bridge-building skills to get a perfect balance between saving your players and defeating enemies.

The complexness of bridge-building

An example would be to create a bridge that allows your player to cross a particular area. At the same time simultaneously pulls a specific large object onto the walkers. Killing them due to the character’s weight on the bridge effectively pulling the object onto the walkers. This smart and sophisticated level design mixed with bridge and puzzle mechanics makes this game stand out. At multiple points during levels, I found myself completely surprised at the intricacy needed to complete a level, through building the perfect bridge.

A classic bridge

Likewise, the variation in materials used in building bridges and your characters’ offensive capabilities such as bombs. Makes for a fun, challenging and fulfilling bridge-building simulator. Bridge constructor: The Walking Dead also has a great cartoon style vibe. It looks great with a story spread across its several chapters. Although it isn’t as profound as storytelling goes compared to its Telltale counterparts, it offers some story nonetheless.

A bone to pick

However, on the flip side, despite me singing the game’s praises, it has flaws. Firstly, although it plays okay on the console, it is better suited to the PC or mobile. The controls on console seemed clunky, making it a reasonably arbitrary process to build bridges. At multiple times, I became frustrated at the characters’ movement mechanics and how long it took to connect two wood pieces. It, therefore, needs better optimisation for consoles in terms of its controls. Likewise, I’m not sure about the game’s replayability and longevity either. You have a several chapter campaign, and that’s it. Once you master a level, there is no need to go back without endgame content such as a level builder or other challenge options. Players don’t need to come back to it—a shame for such a cleverly designed game.


Overall, Bridge constructor: The Walking Dead is not just another addition to its already saturated entertainment franchise. It is a creative, intricate and well-designed game. That offers notable fun and challenge despite replayability issues and a relatively poor console optimisation. It is a good game. There needs to be more attention given to it.


+Intricate and smart level design
+Challenging difficulty
+Great cartoon-style look
+Fun gameplay
-Weak console optimisation
-Limited replaybaility

(Reviewed on Xbox Series S also available on other Xbox consoles, Playstation, PC, Windows, Android and Apple devices)
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