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To celebrate the release of GAME OF THRONES: THE COMPLETE COLLECTION in 4K Ultra HD, we have two sets to give away.

Based on the best-selling novel series by George R.R. Martin, Game of Thrones has earned a total of 161 Emmy® nominations and 59 wins, which are the most nominations and wins of any Comedy or Drama series in Emmy history. The Cultural Phenomenon also stands as HBO’s most-viewed program ever, with the final season averaging a record-setting 44 million viewers in the U.S.

The 4K Ultra HD discs of Game of Thrones: The Complete Collection will feature Dolby VisionTM HDR that dramatically expands the color palette and contrast range and uses dynamic metadata to automatically optimize the picture for every screen, frame by frame. 

Also, the 4K Ultra HD discs of Game of Thrones: The Complete Collection will feature Dolby Atmos® soundtracks remixed specifically for the home theater environment to place and move audio anywhere in the room, including overhead. To experience Dolby Atmos at home, a Dolby Atmos enabled AV receiver and additional speakers are required, or a Dolby Atmos enabled sound bar; however, Dolby Atmos soundtracks are also fully backward compatible with traditional audio configurations and legacy home entertainment equipment.

The 4K Ultra HD release includes over 15 hours of bonus features originally released on the 2019 Game of Thrones: The Complete Series and The Complete Collection (Limited Collector’s Edition) Blu-ray sets.

How to enter to win

We have two copies to give away, simply enter below:


The contest closes at midnight on 15th November 2020.

This contest is only open to those in the UK – sorry!

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  1. Would love to watch this with my boyfriend – we completed a HUGE GOT jigsaw as the clock struck midnight on New Years but we actually weren’t a couple when the series finished so would love to start it all again with him

  2. I’m carer to my shielding wife who would love to rewatch the entire GoT series and this would be the ideal gift for her

  3. The whole family loves the series and it would be great to binge watch together in this or a later lockdown.

  4. Would love to win as my son has so many DVDs that he could open his own shop but this is one collection he doesn’t have and it is the ultimate collection. A series I could watch with him as I missed it the first time round.

  5. My husband and I would really like to watch the whole series and now would be a very good time to do so!

  6. I would love to own this set in 4K, as have not seen this series yet! It has got great reviews and the clips that I have seen though make me want to watch this! 🙂

  7. Loved it first time around and would love to revisit – great for winter viewing

  8. I have never seen this but heard so much about it, and I think I would absolutely love it.

  9. My partner loves GOT but I never got around to watching it. Would be lovely to watch it together!

  10. WOW. What an amazing prize. I love everything about GOT. I watch it over and over again. My favourite episode is when Viserion, the ice zombie dragon & the Night King bring the ice wall down; the first time I saw it my jaw was literally, on the floor. I’d be over the moon to win this.

  11. I have never watched this series but been told how good it is so with Lockdown 2 now upon us I would have the time to binge watch

  12. Wow, This would be well worth winning, a great series that will be even better in ultra HD.

  13. Wanted to rewatch for a good while but never had the means or time so this would be amazing to win

  14. I love this series and I need something to to watch on the cold nights, because, you know… winter’s coming

  15. I love game of thrones I really wanted the box set however cant afford it because of student life 🙁

  16. I was able to watch the first few episodes but then there was a problem with the tv box, after that I never got to see the rest of GOT. Having a chance of winning the set is amazing, thank you for the chance.

  17. We haven’t seen any of these films and think they would be ideal for us at christmas

  18. Would love to win this as it was my favourite series ever; now being 4K I can see it how it was meant to be seen

  19. I started watching the first two series before it moved to Atlantic, then didn’t have a subscription, this would really make up for it

  20. I’d love to win because I watched every minute but my husband only came to it in the final series. At the start he said he didn’t fancy it but was livid when he discovered what he’d been missing! This would be a great gift for him.

  21. Oh wow, how’s that for complete? I’d give the box set to my best friend, she’s a huge GOT fan and hasn’t found anything to better it

  22. This would be absolutely amazing to win so I could sit down with my partner, all snuggled under a blanket in these darker, colder evenings and rewatch the entire series! Winter is coming has never been so true!

  23. Partner would love these! Especially during lockdown, gotta find something to binge watch right?

  24. I love game of thrones, but did not watched the last series because I didn’t want it to end. I would love to watch it all from the start to end. This would be perfect.
    Thanks for the giveaway ♥️ and spreading some joy in these difficult times 🌈🤞

  25. So I can finally watch the show – didn’t have Sky when it aired so couldn’t watch as I didn’t want to do so illegally

  26. I would like to win because quite simply, I have never seen Game of Thrones, and I think that I have missed out as everyone talks about it!

  27. I’d love to win so I could watch it all over again, it’s my favourite TV show of all time.

  28. Only ever saw up to season 5, would love to watch it all in 4K. Would certainly help pass the time during lockdown!

  29. I should win because my partner would love this for Christmas and winning would be the best way to get it for him!

  30. Best series I have ever seen (dubious about last couple of episodes in last series) & would love to be able to watch it again from the beginning.

  31. After a great deal of thoughtI cannot come up with a single idea why I WOULDN’T want to win this!

  32. I have so much about this series but haven’t seen one episode yet so this would be a chance to see them all

  33. I waited a year and a half for season 8 – surely I deserve something good to come from that…

  34. ‪Yes please! What a wonderful prize! I’d really love to be the very lucky winner 💖 🍀 😍😊‬ I’ve never watched GOT but really would love to binge watch it over Christmas.

  35. I’d love to win this fantastic prize for my daughter its her favourite show I’ve never watched it so it may be something to watch in lock down x

  36. I’d love to win this because I take part in a quiz every week and there are ALWAYS questions about Game of Thrones, which I always get wrong because I never watched it!

  37. One of the best show’s i have watched, would love to win to re watch with my eldest son who is now the appropriate age to watch it

  38. I would love to binge watch the whole series in glorious 4k, it should be absolutely stunning

  39. I’d like to win because I’ve only ever seen the first series so it would be nice to see the rest

  40. I’ve seen them all apart for the last 2 series. Would love the opportunity to start again from the beginning and share the drama, action and epic story with my parents to the delights of ‘Game of Thrones’.

  41. My best friends is a huge Game of Thrones fan – she has always been there for me and I would love to win for her to say thankyou

  42. I would love to win i watched right upto the fith series then had to swirch to Virgin Media so no Sky Atlantic and have resisted the urge to buy as its expensive right now. Would love to watch right from the start and straight through to the finish.

  43. I have most of the series on DVD… but some KNOB JOCKEY has scratched all the discs so badly that they can not be repaired and i was absolutely fuming when i first found out !!…. A nice new shiny set of 4K replacements would be awesome !!!

  44. My mum absolutely LOVED Game of Thrones and she’s been trying to convince me to watch it – we could definitely sit down together with this box set!

  45. Have read the books but never got round to watching GOT, would love the opportunity to do so

  46. Because my husband LOVES game of Thrones, although I have never watched it. I really feel I should now!

  47. I would love to win because this series is amazing and I would love to watch it through again having recently visited some of the filming locations in Northern Ireland.

  48. Me and my partner love a box set and we haven’t watched game of thrones at all yet so it would be a nice treat

  49. This series was awesome and this 4k set would be so awesome to own and rewatch!! We love GOT

  50. I would love this, I’m a massive got fan and it’s hard to find places to re watch it.

  51. I don’t deserve to win over anyone else entering this competition, but just like everyone else, I would love to win!

  52. I’d love to win as I haven’t seen GoT yet and people keep telling me it’s awesome and my kinda thing – I had hoped I would get it for my birthday this month but instead I got Marilyn Monroe stuff!

  53. I have tried watching the series on 2 seperate occasions but only got to the 5th Season. Would be great to watch the whole thing.

  54. I’d love to re-watch the glory days of GOT and hopefully persuade my husband to watch it with me this time around.

  55. because I missed it first time around but my friends said it was an awesome watch so I need to catch up on it!

  56. I’d love to win because me and my hubby are huge fans of thrones fans and if these lockdowns carry on it would be great to rewatch from the beginning

  57. I think I should win as my husband loves watching game of thrones so it would make the best Christmas present

  58. I would like to win this as I have never seen game of thrones before I always wanted to see it as I hear lots of people talk about it.

  59. I would like to win because I am probably one of the very few people on this planet whom has never watched an episode of Game Of Thrones. I would like to see if it lived up to the hype

  60. I have heard so much about ths show, but not seen one episode, recently I heard it was based on the war of the Roses (shich I love) bit of a history buff – so please can I compare thme!! Ps it would make a gret prezzy for my hubby too

  61. I think I must be the only person in this country who has not seen Game of Thrones – not a single episode! I don’t quite know how this happened as I watch a lot of television, but I feel great shame at having somehow missed this iconic fantasy drama that has gripped the world! Please, it’s time to put me out of my misery! Release me from my suffering – and give me the means to binge-watch eight glorious seasons!

  62. I’ve never watched any of the Game of Thrones before but everyone I know says how fabulous it is. I now really would like to watch, what I believe to be, a brilliant drama.

  63. I maybe one of the few people in the world who has not watched this series – a bit behind – but, it is time I caught up xx

  64. I’d love to win as I’m a great fan of the series and I’d love to own the collection so I can watch it when I want to x

  65. I must be one of the few people on the planet who have never seen Game of Thrones and it is time the situation changed.

  66. I’d love to win as I’ve heard and read rave reviews of Game of Thrones but never had the opportunity to watch it!

  67. I would love to win as a) I love it and b) I would love to watch it – all of it – with my fiance.

  68. All of GoT was fantastic until the finale, I’d like to rewatch it to remember the brilliant series before it

  69. I started on the game of thrones band wagon rather late on but meant I had loads to watch and I loved it. Would love this box set to watch it again!

  70. I’d love to win for my husband because he is the biggest Game of Thrones fan ever and he would love this!

  71. Seriously never watched Game of Thrones but feel like I have so missed out. I’m now pregnant and locked down so I feel it would be the perfect time to escape into this 🙂

  72. I should win as I think I was one of only two people in the world that loved the final episode so therefore I will appreciate every second of this boxset from start to finish.

  73. Because we had never watched GoT and it seems like now would be a really good time to binge watch it and switch off after a long day working for the NHS

  74. Because I have never watched Game of Thrones but would love to! If I won it would mean I would be able bing watch the series!

  75. I should win because i nearly won a game of thrones competition last year and had to answer the phone to everyone saying “winter is here” which included my boss when she rang from a withheld number. sadly i didn’t win and winter never came… 🙁

  76. My boyfriend would love this for Christmas as he is a massive game of thrones fan and loves seeing shows in 4K

  77. I really hope I win as I’ve only actually seen the first season and I keep meaning to watch the rest! Would love to be able to win this and then could gift it on.

  78. I’d love to re-live the glorious moments with the sound bar on. It must add another dimension since I watched the whole series on my phone..

  79. ive never watched game of thrones so would love to win this so that I too can get the enjoyment that ive been missing out on for so long!

  80. I would love to watch this. I didn’t get around to watching it so this would be perfect!

  81. I’m very late to the party with Game Of Thrones. I’ve never read the books or seen a moment of the TV show. Better late than never!

  82. Believe it or not I have never watched Game of Thrones and this would give me the perfect opportunity.

  83. I’d love to win this. I was obsessed with GOT. I used to watch it at 2am so I could watch it without spoilers. I always planned to go back to bed afterwards, but it never happened as my mind was racing, trying to process what I’d just seen! And who else remembers that empty feeling in early summer when the latest season had finished & you knew you had wait 9-10 months for the next fix? Greatest TV series ever!

  84. Hi, I’d love to win – I have never even seen one episode of this series (don’t have Sky – or access to this) I have seen so many images of this, and to be able to watch this on my DVD player – well I’d be over the moon. The characters, plots and fabulous creatures – well I’d make lockdown winter something to remember

  85. I would love these for my dad. He is the main carer for my mum who has severe illnesses. He would love these for when he gets a break from caring for her

  86. I wasn’t able to watch Game of Thrones at the time and still feel like I’ve missed out on an epic show with all the references and in jokes!

  87. I’d love to win as I love game of thrones and ot would make for a few date nights in with my partner

  88. My daughter is a huge fan and tells me how good this. I didn’t watch it so I’d love to win as I’m sure she’s right. She’d probably want to watch it with me

  89. Would love to win as I have never watched an episode and my boyfriend says I need to!

  90. I have never watched a single episode so what better way to lose my GoT cherry than by watching it in amazing 4K resolution

  91. I would love to win because I haven’t watched this series yet and hear nothing but great things about it!

  92. game of thrones is my all time favourite show, id love to win so i can watch any time i need a tv binge

  93. I absolutely love GoT and have been trying to convince my other half to watch it with me, this would be the perfect helping hand!

  94. I would love to win as I haven’t actually seen Game of Thrones but I have been wanting to watch it for some time so this would be perfect for me! 🙂

  95. I would love to win so I can give this to my sister as she has never seen it. I need to educate her

  96. Have never seen this series but heard so many people saying how amazing it is.

    The clips I have seen are awesome.

    The complete collection would be absolutely perfect for the cold winter nights ahead to escape into another time and world! Thrilling……

  97. I would love to win because I’ve never seen game of thrones but have heard amazing things and I love dragons.

  98. My husband has just started watching Game Of Thrones, after somebody gave him the first season, I haven’t seen any of it yet! Because it is now an older series, it isn’t streaming on any platform we subscribe to, and we’d both really love to be able to watch the whole thing!

  99. I have not watched Game of Thrones and I would love to win, to be able to watch them all. It would be a wonderful treat.

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