Family Build Your Own Dinosaur Crackers from The Natural History...

Build Your Own Dinosaur Crackers from The Natural History Museum


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With Christmas only a few months away you might want to take a look at a rather unique gift from the Natural History Museum.

Have a cracking Christmas with these six Build Your Own Dinosaur crackers.

A fun festive activity for kids and adults alike, fold, stick and slot the included components to create three T. rex and three Stegosaurus standing crackers.

Inside each cracker, you will find a tissue hat, an activity and a dinosaur finger-clasp so your ferocious friends can join you for the feast.

These build your own dinosaur crackers are roar-some (sorry!). If you are a fan of dinosaurs then these are a really fun addition to your Christmas table and make for an interesting experience! Which dinosaur is your favourite?

The Build Your Own Dinosaur Crackers from The Natural History Museum are available now priced £25 from The Natural History Museum website, along with a number of other really cool gifts.

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