Family Harry Potter Magical Capsules from [email protected]

Harry Potter Magical Capsules from [email protected]


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This years cool toy from [email protected] is the Harry Potter Magical Capsules.

The Magical Capsules offer a brand-new way to unbox and collect the enchanting creatures and wizards of the Wizarding World. Perfect for Harry Potter fans.

Each bronze Hogwarts crest contains an iconic character from the Harry Potter series.

There are 10 characters to collect in Series 1, you will find them listed on the collector card.  Inside each crest you will discover 2 clues and 5 magical surprises. In an unboxing journey of discovery, you must use colour-coded, heat, and water-reveal mechanisms to unlock the surprise character hidden within a secret chamber. Each pack contains 1 Hogwarts characters, 1 Fantastic Beast Pet, 1 wand and 3 accessories. 

Each crest contains two clues to the character inside. 

Open compartment number 1 to reveal a heat reveal Hogwart’s Crest. Which House could your character be in?

Open compartment number 2 to reveal a spell name. I can’t see it…its written in secret ink and will only be revealed when you dip the paper in water!

So you know the Hogwart’s House and the spell name….real Harry Potter fans will know who is hidden inside the crest….

Open it up to reveal 4 wrapped parcels…save the biggest till last…to finally know which character you’ve got! 

Will you find Harry, Hermione, Ron, Luna, or Snape? 

Follow the clues, use your spells, and you will find enchanted creatures and wizards within.

The Harry Potter Magical Capsules Series 1 sets are available now priced £9.99.

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