Review: Marvel Legends Deadpool’s Head

Here we review the new Marvel Legends Deadpool’s Head – yes, you read that right, Deadpool’s Head!

The Marvel Legends Deadpool’s Head is a premium, electronic, interactive, app-enhanced collectible with over 600 SFX and phrases, multiple sensors, and motors for expressive movement. Using the free app, set Deadpool up to play pranks, insult your friends and loved ones, or wake you up every morning… maybe even on time!

What’s in the box?

The box contains Deadpool’s head and some instructions.

A Closer Look

Using Deadpool’s Head

To get the most out of Deadpool’s Head you need to install and use the app.

Once you have paired your phone with his head you are all ready to go. You can choose from various modes and pranks to select, make your own videos, put him in Party Mode and so much more.

Final Thoughts

The first thing you notice when taking Deadpool’s head out of the box is the attention to detail, it’s amazing.

Before you can wake Deadpool up, you need to fit 4 C batteries, yes 4! Make sure you have them available because the box doesn’t contain any.

Pairing Deadpool with your phone was a very simple and quick process. You don’t need to use the app, you can just switch on Deadpool and leave him – he will talk, move his head and do other things all on his own. The fun really comes from using the app – there are literally hundreds of things to do and hear from him. In all the time I was reviewing him I hardly heard the same thing twice!

I’m not going to spoil any of the fun by going into details of what he says and what the modes do – suffice to say they are all a lot of fun – where is that red button again?

Whether you want to be insulted by Deadpool, listen to him tell you jokes, or just have a really cool replica of his head on your shelf, the Marvel Legends Deadpool’s Head from Hasbro is a must have if you are a Deadpool fan.

Marvel Legends Deadpool’s Head from Hasbro is available now priced around £99.95.



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