GamingXbox Games Showcase Confirmed for July 23rd

Xbox Games Showcase Confirmed for July 23rd


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At the last ‘Inside Xbox’ event, third party titles for the Xbox Series X were showcased though some criticism was thrown at the fact that for an event labelled as “Xbox Series X Gameplay” there was actually very little in the way of actual gameplay shown. But the show ended with the promise of another ‘Inside Xbox’ special for July which would showcase what all 15 of the Microsoft Studios have been working on in the run up to the launch of the Xbox Series X…..and now we know it will take place on July 23rd at 5pm BST:

Personally I am really looking forward to this event with the chance to finally see some HALO Infinite gameplay as well as hopefully, the reveal of a new FABLE title. But where Xbox has the chance to really blow people away is in brand new and fresh Xbox Exclusives across a myriad of game styles that fans have longed for Xbox to work towards and improve on exclusives for the platform, something that PlayStation has excelled at for the PS4 generation especially.

I would also not be surprised if this showcase ended with a release date and price model for the Xbox Series X which especially now with the PlayStation 5 finally unveiled, is something fans both want but NEED to know now. How much will the next generation of console gaming cost and when can gamers get their hands on the console.

It has also been reported that once this showcase has run, Sony will announced another “State of Play” for the PlayStation 5 as soon as early August, so……..release dates and pricing could be announced very soon!

Sean McCarthy
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