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All the Trailers and Reaction to EA Play LIVE 18/06/2020


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With the Annual E3 event cancelled due to COVID-19, many publishers and platforms are holding their own Digital Showcase events and tonight EA are taking their turn. Not sure what to expect other than the usual sports titles and more information on Star Wars Squadrons, which following a leak, EA were forced to release the teaser trailer earlier this week.

At time of writing this opening piece we are 20 minutes away from the start of the event and I’m expecting to see MASS Effect Trilogy Remastered after so many reports have suggested its finally going to happen but other than that and usual suspects EA have…..this could either be a lovely surprise or sadly if anything like EA Play LIVE 2019, dull and drab. But below you will find all the trailers and news and then my reaction!

Opens with CEO of EA Games, Andrew Wilson who begins the event by talking about the impact that recent global events such as the Australian bush fires, Covid-19 Pandemic and the Black Lives Matter movement have had on everyone, with EA pledging to support where they can. The final moments of the event countdown also had a splash-screen showing 8:46 minutes….the time it took for George Flloyd to be killed. A moving opening especially the words from Andrew Wilson.

Next the host of the pre-recorded event, Greg Miller, takes to the stage to explain what to expect from this 45 min show which opens up with….

Apex Legends: Fortunes Favour – Season 5 Event ‘Lost Treasures’

Apex Legends coming to STEAM this fall along with Crossplay and then to Nintendo Switch.

This is followed up by a celebration of The Sims, both as a series and for the diversity of the fans and players of the Sims, a video plays featuring thank you messages who explain what the series has meant for them in their own lives.

Next we move to EA Games announced the line up of titles as well as EA Access all launching on STEAM starting Command & Conquered Remastered as well as Games coming to Nintendo Switch such as Burnout Paradise on June 19th.

EA Originals: The Return of a Visionary – Josef Fares and Hazelight

Infamous Indie Developer Joseh Fares reveals his new game “It Takes Two”

Lost in Random: Zoink Games new Title

Rocket Arena: July 14th Release

Star Wars Squadrons: Gameplay Trailer

Crossplay confirmed for Star Wars Squadrons this October.

EA Sports: Madden 21 and FIFA 21

We then have short video explaining what fans can expect from EA Games in the new future as new technology and a new console generation launch this year and what opportunities EA has to work on more impressive games.eld on new gen consoles,

SKATE is Back!

The event comes to a close with perhaps the only real surprise for fans in the reveal that a new SKATE game is to be developed with the original creators who thanked fans and gave credit to their comments and continued interest in SKATE series for making this return possible.

My Final Thoughts….

Well I think it is fair to say that my prediction that a MASS Effect Trilogy Remaster was going to be announced was absolutely wrong, but that really sums up what to be was a seriously over produced and rather empty showcase event from EA Games. No idea if this would have been the same style and content that EA would have shown if E3 2020 had gone ahead but this was incredibly dull with very little in big reveals other than a SKATE reveal to close the show and the fact we actually got to see quite a bit of actual gameplay for Star Wars Squadrons which genuinely has me excited for it to release knowing it will have Crossplay and so far, little to no micro-transactions with cosmetic items all unlocked very gameplay and progress.

It was very clear that EA were making it known that they were coming to STEAM in a big way by releases titles for the first time there and bringing EA Access to STEAM later this year, I know many PC Gamers were never happy with the Origins platform so this could be a big game changer going forward.

But the show itself was so dull with Greg Miller hamming it up delivering a cringe worthy script with awful jokes and what looked like a pre-recorded interview with the Squadrons Developer that almost looked like the developer was merely replying to Gregg’s pre-recorded part of the interview, it just came across as too try hard when the gameplay trailer spoke volumes instead.

It was also very noticeable that feedback and criticism from the E3 2020 EA Play event about there being far too much focus on the sports titles from EA because we did not get to see anything really, about either FIFA 21 or Madden 21 in any real content other than a flashy trailer combining EA Sports as a short showcase. Normally the sports section of the event is where most people tune out.

For me this was a very lacklustre showing from EA who are very thin with titles heading into a new console generation and if they are holding reveals back, not sure what other event they could do them unless they will be part of another PlayStation 5 or Xbox Series X online event in the months to come. If you did stay up to watch this on UK time of midnight then you probably went to bed either happy about Star Wars Squadrons or Skate and if you did not stay up, well those are two videos you can easily watch now without the fear of missing any ‘big moments’ from EA Play LIVE 2020…which is kinda sad really, a big opportunity for EA to make an impact on the launch of the next generation of console gaming and they just did not have anything really mind blowing for me.

Sean McCarthy
Freelance writer but also a Gamer, Gooner, Jedi, Whovian, Spartan, Son of Batman, Assassin and Legend. Can be found playing on PS4 and Xbox One Twitter @CockneyCharmer


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