GamingReview: HyperX CloudX Chat Headset for Xbox One

Review: HyperX CloudX Chat Headset for Xbox One


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Here’s our review of the HyperX CloudX Chat Headset for Xbox One.

The Officially Xbox Licensed HyperX CloudX Chat Headset is built with 40mm driver for clear voice chat communication. It has a flexible noise-cancellation mic, pop filter, and in-line audio controls to easily adjust volume and mute the mic. The single ear cup allows you to hear game audio from your TV or home entertainment system as you chat in-game with your squad or party chat with friends. Featuring a lightweight, reversible design, the chat headset can be worn comfortably on either ear.


  • Official Xbox Licensed chat headset
  • Clear voice chat communication
  • Lightweight comfort and reversible design
  • Convenient in-line audio controls
  • Forward compatibility: Works on Xbox Series X

What’s in the box?

The box contains the headset and a quick start guide.

A Closer Look

Final Thoughts

The HyperX CloudX Chat Headset is small and lightweight – in fact to make it easy to carry and store the headset breaks into two pieces. It’s also primarily designed so that you reverse the headset if you wish. When you first open the box you need to fix it together which is very easy, pulling it apart takes a little more effort but isn’t that hard.

All you need to do is then plug the headset into your Xbox One controller and away you go. HyperX say that the headset is also compatible with the forthcoming Xbox Series X console.

The headset sits comfortably on your head, with the one ear cup on whichever side you are most comfortable with. You can then use your other ear to listen to the game, or whatever else you need.

The headset is controlled from the in-line controller – you can change the volume on in-game chat or party chat, and you can choose to mute the mic entirely if you want to.

The microphone is permanently connected to the headset so if you are not using it you can move it out of the way. The audio quality on the mic is good and picks up your voice clearly.

The HyperX CloudX Chat Headset for Xbox One is available now priced around £19.99 and for that price you can’t go wrong – just remember it’s designed for chat.

You can learn more from the HyperX website here.

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