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PlayStation News: Sony Finally Confirm the Spec of the PlayStation 5


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Sony has been keeping the PlayStation 5, their next generation console, firmly in the dark from fans for months now but yesterday they suddenly announced that today (March 18th 2020) that they were going to actually host an online even that would offer a deep dive of the PlayStation 5. Naturally PlayStation fans and the rest of the gaming world sat eagle eyed on the presentation which came only a few days after Microsoft dropped tech demos showcasing the fast loading times and quick resume functions of the Xbox Series X, but more on that a little further on.

This “Deep Dive” was lead by the PS5 lead system architect Mark Cerny and to say those expecting a big reveal in the style of the Xbox Series X marketing trailers to this point would be surprised and disappointed as this briefing was certainly not for fans hoping for anything similar to how Xbox have presented their new generation console. To be fair to Sony, this was exactly what they described, a very technical driven look at the architecture aimed at developers more than the fans.

So let us begin with those very numbers:

Via Windows Central

Courtesy of Windows Central who kindly put down all the numbers in a nice comparison with the PlayStation 4, and it is clear that the PS5 is definitely a technological leap when shown against the PS4 but the numbers fail to look to impressive against the Xbox Series X. That said, Sony have also focused on the SSD storage and fast loading times as the core driving component to the PS5 much like Microsoft have, and the visual power will produce some staggering graphics on the next generation of games. The audio chip revealed also made Microsoft declare that the Series X also has a special dedicated sound chip which they had not really focused on before.

However it is with backwards compatibility that the PS5 seems to be lacking but in a move that was clarified in the days following this briefing, at first it was suggested that only the top 100 most popular PS4 titles would work on the PS5 as compared to Microsoft’s reveal that all Xbox One and accessories will work with the Series X. Sony did come out and say that the number of backwards compatible games was going to be a lot bigger than what was suggested in this talk. 

Final Thoughts…

Just under a week since this briefing and we have yet to see what the PS5 looks like or any glamorous marketing and adverts for the next generation of Sony Consoles. Personally, I would have kept this briefing behind closed doors and released snappy trailers to showcase the PS5 to fans, this was a very technical focused briefing designed to inform developers but it was obvious that fans were hoping to actually see the console itself, the controller and learn about launch titles to play on it, something that Microsoft has been revealing since December 2019.

I have no doubt that the PS5 is going to be one hell of a console and whilst on paper the Xbox Series X looks to be more powerful, the PS5 is certainly no slouch either and PlayStation fans are in for an incredible time some holidays 2020. With so much happening in the world right now (reason why this is being posted a week later than planned) time will tell if any of it will have an impact on the launch of the next generation of consoles from a production side to supply and especially to the developers working on next generation games.

Either way, now Sony is actually talking about the PS5, so going forward hopefully we will get to see what the console looks like, see it in action and start the real road to holidays 2020.

Sean McCarthy
Freelance writer but also a Gamer, Gooner, Jedi, Whovian, Spartan, Son of Batman, Assassin and Legend. Can be found playing on PS4 and Xbox One Twitter @CockneyCharmer

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