GamingZefla Joings the Fight in Dragon Ball FighterZ This...

Zefla Joings the Fight in Dragon Ball FighterZ This Friday 28th February


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Exuding supreme confidence and power, Kefla is definitely someone you don’t want to mess with unless you’ve got the strength and skill to deal some heavy attacks her way. Born from the fusion of Caulifla and Kale, Kefla is always ready for battle, never backing down from a good fight… even with the likes of Goku. Her youthful demeanor means she’s ready to challenge elders at the drop of a hat.

How will the other DRAGON BALL FighterZ characters react to the arrival of Kefla?

We’ll see when she becomes available as a playable character on February 28th on the PlayStation 4, Xbox One, PCs via STEAM , and Nintendo Switch.

Players who opted to purchase FighterZ Pass 3 will gain access to Kefla on February 26th.

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