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Review: Paperlike for iPad Pro


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We review the Paperlike screen protector for the iPad Pro.

The iPad has become a real workhorse. Especially in combination with the Apple Pencil it’s a beast. Annotating drafts, taking notes and quick sketches have become a commodity. But it still doesn’t feel right… The Paperlike protector adds the missing last percent to perfection. Love your iPad even more!

What Else Do You Get?

Along with the Paperlike screen protector, you also get installation tools including cloths, wipes and stickers.

Final Thoughts

So if you have an iPad you really want to keep the screen protected from scratches, marks and other thinks that might ruin your screen.

The Paperlike is more than just a screen protector, its a screen protector that gives you a feel of writing on paper. So if you use your iPad for drawing, annotating, writing or anything else you are going to see some real benefits.

The Paperlike has a matte and anti-glare finish so its great for using in a multitude of different environments without an loss of quality on the screen.

The feeling you get when you run your finger over the Paperlike is different to what you usually feel with a screen protector. This is because of the Nanodots surface technology, microbeads distributed across the screen protector’s foil. The Nanodots make the Pencil vibrate just so slightly to make it feel like you write on a rough surface, like paper. Also, the display light shines around and through them, minimizing refractions.

Applying the Paperlike was very easy – there are some very helpful videos on their website and it only took a few moments to apply and looked great.

If you are in the market for a really good screen protector that gives you more than just protection then take a look, and feel of the Paperlike.

The Paperlike is available now priced at £28.76 and is available for various types of iPad.

You can learn more from the Paperlike website here.

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