NACON, a major designer and distributor of gaming accessories, is pleased to announce that the REVOLUTION Pro Controller 3,the new benchmark for wired controllers designed for competitive gaming on. The REVOLUTION Pro Controller 3 is licensed for sale by Sony Interactive Entertainment (SIE) exclusively in Europe, Africa, Australia, New Zealand, the Middle East, and India.

The REVOLUTION Pro Controller 3 is a wired controller that has been created specifically for competitive gamers looking for performance and comfort. They will enjoy the characteristic ergonomics of the REVOLUTION range: asymmetric analogue sticks, wider action buttons and triggers, and two weight compartments for a truly personalized experience. With the included PC software, gamers can create custom game profiles: full button mapping, analogue stick and trigger sensitivity, vibration motors and much more. NACON has set the new standard for wired controllers designed for competitive gaming on PS4. It is also fully compatible with PC games.

With the REVOLUTION Pro Controller 3, NACON has expanded its range of PS4 officially licensed controllers and now offers the widest variety for Sony’s best-selling console. Compact Controller, Asymmetric Wireless Controller, Revolution Pro Controller 3 or Revolution Unlimited Pro Controller: there’s a NACON controller to suit every unique playstyle.

NACON’s REVOLUTION Pro Controller 3, officially licensed by Sony Interactive Entertainment, is now available in stores across Europe, South Africa, Australia, New Zealand, Middle East and India at a recommended retail price between 99,90 and 109,90 euros.

You can pick up the REVOLUTION Pro Controller 3 in the UK from the below retailers:

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