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‘Monkey King: Hero is Back’ Out Now for PS4 and PC


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THQ Nordic, Produced in Association with Sony Interactive Entertainment (SIE) and Oasis Games Limited today launch the game Monkey King: Hero is Back as well as the special “Hero Edition” version of the game for PC and PlayStation 4. Dive into a 500 year old Chinese tale set in a world full of fun and action!

Monkey King: Hero is Back is based on the record-breaking Chinese animated movie of the same name that was itself inspired by one of China’s Four Great Classical Novels, Journey to the West. The game story, as in the original tale, follows the journey of three protagonists: Monkey King, Pigsy, and the child character, Liuer—with new episodes not portrayed in the original film. The game combines epic Chinese mythology with kung-fu action for a delightful action-adventure that aims to bring the authentic Chinese spirit from the film to a global audience via a high-quality gameplay experience.

Monkey King: Hero is Back transports PC gamers into the classic tale for a unique action-adventure journey filled with kung-fu battles, strong characters, and friendship,” said Daniel Lin, VP Marketing of Oasis Games. “Players will become the Monkey King as they overcome enemies using their combat skills, magic, and the bonds they create with their companions.”

Through over 10 hours of gameplay, players will be immersed in the world of the Monkey King as the characters fight monsters using varied skills and magic alongside their cooperation and shared individual wisdom. As their journey continues, the three characters deepen their friendship and discover missing pieces of their separate lives.

Game Features

  • 10 Epic Levels: Explore 10 unique levels with fast-paced action and lush environments full of secrets and epic boss battles
  • Be the Monkey King: Control the Monkey King and engage in Chinese kung-fu with combos, comical finishers, QTE-counters, and a plethora of items and skills
  • Unlock Your Powers: Unlock skills and abilities while advancing and gain powerful super moves, a superior magical staff, and the ability to fire projectiles at enemies
  • Cinematic Action: The game incorporates scenes from the film as well as never-before-seen content featuring talented voice acting in all major languages

Monkey King: Hero Is Back is now available on Steam, and the PlayStation Store with the Standard Edition, which includes the full game, priced at £34.99. The Hero Edition, which includes the game and season pass is priced at £52.99.

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