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Constructor Plus is Available Now for PC, Mac, PlayStation 4, Xbox One and Nintendo Switch


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System 3 today launched Constructor Plus for Xbox One, and announced the game is available now for PC, Mac, PlayStation 4, Xbox One and Nintendo Switch. Today’s Xbox One launch follows the game’s release earlier this year on PC, where Constructor Plus has already received 90 percent positive reviews from the Steam community.

First launched in 1997, Constructor is a cult classic from the golden age of PC gaming that has been loved by players for more than 20 years with releases on formats including MS-DOS, Sony’s original PlayStation, PlayStation Portable and even Nintendo Switch. Two decades later, Constructor Plus is the first-ever sequel to Constructor, bringing the classic isometric gameplay to modern platforms with new content, new features and new ways to play.

Constructor Plus puts players in charge of building a city-spanning property empire in a game where simulation and management meets real-time strategy. Arson, thievery, mischief and all-out mayhem are the tools for taking on rival building companies and dominating the property market.

Players can employ a dodgy handyman to flood a rival building, a hippy collective to turn a respectable neighbourhood into a party capital, or shady gangsters to take out the opposition’s foremen before building can even begin. Things get weirder when ghosts spook people from their homes, zombies rise from their graves and killer clowns stalk the streets.

Players can rise from small-time slumlord to interplanetary property tycoon, moving from small towns to space stations on Mars, Uranus and the Moon with unique off-world buildings and habitats. Constructor Plus features new campaigns, new story missions, 65 scenarios, 17 worlds, and over 140 buildings including all-new retail units, casinos, modernist mansions, towering skyscrapers and lunar bases.

“2019 has been a brilliant year for revivals of nineties’ classics, and the perfect time for us to launch a true sequel to Constructor,” said Mark Cale, founder and CEO of System 3. “It’s great to see new players discovering that classic era for gaming, and great to see returning players rediscovering games they loved. That’s why we’ve made Constructor Plus available just about everywhere games can be played. Whether you’re an old player or new, you’ll find lots to love and lots to discover.”

Constructor Plus is available for PC, Mac, PlayStation 4, Xbox One and Nintendo Switch. Today’s Xbox One launch features five additional scenarios, exclusively for the platform.

Visit the Constructor Central YouTube Channel over the next few weeks to watch daily tutorial videos, and join more than 30,000 players in the Constructor Plus Facebook community.

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