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All the News and Trailers from ‘Inside Xbox’ September Special


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On the same night that PlayStation held their “State of Play” direct, Xbox are back with another LIVE edition of ‘Inside Xbox’ with the promise of Xbox Game Pass news, surprises as well as more information on XO19 in London this November, this could be another chance for Xbox to steal the show. Below you will find all the news and trailers as it happened during the live show:

Kicking things off with Atlas, from the creators behind Ark comes the Pirate themed persistent online game coming to Xbox Preview on October 8th! with crossplay between PC and Xbox console along with mouse and keyboard support for Xbox Console (interesting they also addressed the Pirate in the room by acknowledging Sea of Thieves, but were quick to explain that both games are a very different Pirate experience)

Children of Morta Xbox Debut Trailer, coming to Xbox on October 15th

Project X Cloud news now as its been very silent since E3’s announcement, with the concept of being able to play any of your Xbox One games, for free on any device from phone, to table and to laptop/PC using X Cloud to turn your console into a streaming box. The new info is that the public preview will begin in October with signs up available today for US, UK and Korea. This preview is starting with Android devices first, before rolling out to iOS products in the future. sign up to

Xbox Game Pass up next with the review of several new titles for Xbox Game Pass and PC Game Pass. First we have a recap of the most recent titles for Xbox consoles but some new titles for the PC Game pass as well as a new ID@Xbox Game Pass was also announced.

CODE VEIN Cannoneer Boss Trailer

The Outer Worlds is up next, this is the game that has my interest the most currently for Xbox exclusives, a single player sci-fi RPG from the original creators of Fallout!

GEARS 5 celebration now with a look at the roadmap for the game of new characters, maps and customisation items with a reminder of how to unlock the Dave Bautista character in the game right now before the end of October.

Next comes two brand new Xbox One S and X bundles that will have Forza Horizon 4 with the LEGO Need for Speed expansions.

Minecon is up next which will be streamed live on  Saturday September 28th 5pm BST

Tropico 6 gets a shout out, currently in the Xbox Preview Program along with a special early bird price if you get the game whilst in Preview before it launches fully and then at full price.

Ghost Recon: Breakpoint up now with another shout out for 2nd the beta weekend coming this week. This open beta weekend is available to pre-load right now. Followed up by a new trailer looking at the character of Cole Walker played by Jon Bernthal

HITMAN 2 pops up now with some news for fans of Agent 47 with a look at Haven Island expansion which is available today for those with the expansion pass.

ACE Combat 7: Skies Unknown Mission 4 Trailer

Next is Felix the Reaper with a new mini vidoc looking at the game which releases on October 17th directly to Xbox Game Pass.

Quick switch to a look at Afterparty from the creators of Oxenfree as we meet Milo and Lola, coming to Xbox On on October 29th and will go directly into Xbox Game Pass.

Show now takes a look at the Day Z expansion ‘Livonia” coming this November

Wrapping up this edition of ‘Inside Xbox’ comes more information on XO10 from London this November with a look back at XO Mexico 2018, with a reminder of when the tickets on sale on October 1st at 2pm UK time. Over 3 days each session will cost £19 with 100% of ticket sales going to gaming charity SpecialEffect.

More information can be found here at

My Thoughts…

Quite a mixed back with this edition of Inside Xbox, some great new looks at upcoming titles but very little in the way of actual surprises. Pacing definitely suffered towards the and with very little revealed about XO19 we did not already know.

But it was great to see some of the devs talking about their upcoming titles with The Outer Worlds looking like everything I liked about Fallout but taken to a whole new and revamped level. Project X Cloud preview will have people racing to sign up no doubt. Afterparty is certainly on my radar now after seeing more of the gameplay and it is great to see so many great titles coming to the Xbox Game Pass for both console and PC and I am intrigued by the ID@Xbox Game Pass reveal.

Overall though I felt this LIVE edition of Inside Xbox had real pacing issues and sadly fell back into its previous attempts to blend news alongside a QVC advertising special with the attempts to sell GEARS 5 branded Rockstar energy drinks and DLC for ACE Combat 7 which came out of nowhere. It sadly lacked the punch of previous ‘Inside Xbox’ shows and the almost after thought of talking about XO19 at the end felt very lazy to me.

But now the eyes of Xbox fans and players will certainly now be focused on XO19 in November, which is certainly where my attention is now on!

Sean McCarthy
Sean McCarthy
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