The Arkham gaming series is something very near and dear to my gamer heart and when they remastered both Arkham Asylum and Arkham City for current gen consoles as the “Return to Arkham” release, I was surprised that they never felt the need to do a full collection that would also include Arkham Knight, the final entry in the Rocksteady series.

Well thanks to an earlier leak by Amazon UK listing this, Rocksteady finally came our via their Twitter channel to confirm that they would be releasing the ‘Arkham Collection’ which would include the remasters of Asylum and City along with their DLCs but now Arkham Knight and its DLC this September for PlayStation 4 and Xbox One:

Rocksteady went on to tweet that “Batman: Arkham Collection will include the Earth 2 Dark Knight Skin, exclusively on PS4. This marks the first time the Earth 2 Dark Knight Skin has been available to players in Europe. It’ll be made available to all owners of Batman: Arkham Knight on PS4 worldwide January 2020!”

Well that is quite annoying for fans on Xbox, personally not a fan of console exclusives especially when it comes to collections of old games that have all the DLC but now this new collection will have something that the Xbox collection won’t have.

You may also be wondering why the infamous Arkham: Origins has not been included in this collection, well the answer is that Rocksteady never worked on Origins, it also had a different voice cast than the regular series and was essentially WB Montreal studio reusing the assets from Arkham City who also tagged in a terrible and never fully working MP mode to the game. Whilst the story for Origins, which was essentially the Batman Year One story of the series where we saw a very rough and inexperienced Batman heading out to save Gotham, it was plagued with problems and bugs from day one, may of which were never fixed. It also remains the only entry in the series not to be remastered for current gen consoles.

Now as someone who has the original Arkham series games from Xbox 360 as well as Arkham Knight and Arkham Returns for PS4, this is a great collection for anyone who may not have played these games. I should also point out that the Arkham Returns set and recently added Arkham Knight are all currently available in the Xbox Game Pass so will be interesting to see if that remains the case once this collection comes out in September.