EA held their own showcase event this past weekend just before E3 2019 kicked off with the Xbox E3 Briefing last night which included a brand new story trailer for Star Wars: Jedi Fallen Order:

The story is actually fully canon with the big screen Star Wars Universe with this story happening just after Star Wars Episode III: Revenge of the Sixth and directly following the infamous ‘Order 66’ which saw Darth Sidious give that order to the Clone Army to turn on and kill their Jedi generals. I like that Saw Gerrera features in the story who fans will no doubt recognise from Anthology film Rogue One and the Clone Wars animated show, so story-wise it does look very interesting.

But it is the extended gameplay demo shown at EA Play that has me concerned sadly. Visually the game looks great and has all the sounds and musical score you would expect from anything Star Wars. The gameplay though, featuring the use of familiar and new Force abilities to both help with movement, puzzles and combat, just looks very similar to another Star Wars action adventure game series in ‘The Force Unleashed’. It may just be the level they chose to use for the gameplay demo, an Imperial Refinery on the Planet Kashyyk, which just came across as a bit platformy to navigate with some linear combat with enemies in the Purge Troopers and Troopers armed with anti Light Sabre weapons which again, we have seen in Force unleashed. It all look a little linear without room to really explore and Respawn have stuck to what they know so wall running from Titanfall plays a roll in movement and the droid helping the main character is just lifted from the Battlefront II story campaign which also used a droid as a helper.

So for now, I am rather worried about Star Wars: Jedi Fallen Order and even reports of those on the E3 floor who have played the demo being fairly positive so far fails to get me really that hyped for this game, which I am sure will play fine with a solid story but, it lacks the big wow factor a Star Wars story game should have. But we have time before fans get the chance to become a Jedi on November 15, 2019.