E3 2019 has kicked off with the hugely impressive Xbox E3 Briefing and now its the toughest job in the gaming world right now for Bethesda as they host their E3 Showcase event. Bethesda promised a lot at last years E3, well….that turned out to be Fallout 76 and enough has been said of that mess, so it will be interesting to see how and what Bethesda show off today….so enjoy the trailers, the news and my honest opinions throughout!

Peter Hines opens up with his keynote speech about all things Bethesda in the past year, and its all about how the fans create their own communities and experiences with the games they make, the tone and focus really seems to be about celebrating the fans….which is exactly everything they failed to do with Fallout 76, oh the irony and there is something a little off about he whole “splicing the show with fan stories” in an almost “honestly we aren’t that bad” yet Peter then introduces a very controversial person right now…in Tom Howard!

Tom Howard ignoring the IGN interview he recently did by acknowledging the launch issues with Fallout 76 and is almost parodying it all by now saying that the team behind the game has done something wonderful with it and that it has one of the best communities they have seen….yeah this is very cringe to watch actually. But Howard has quickly switched to talking about ‘The Elder Scrolls: Blades’, announcing a new free update that is out right now followed by a trailer of the game coming to Nintendo Switch this Fall for free….oh you should see the reaction in the stream chat right now. The Switch version will have crossplay and cross save with the mobile game.

Wow Fallout 76 is really getting a lot of time here and now they are actually talking about the actual game instead of the good cop bad cop routine about it. Attention moves to the next expansion for the game in ‘Wastelanders’ which they promise will change the game completely and immediately, it looks as though they are adding NPCs in story drive games to the game, something that was very critically attacked for being absent from the launch version of the game. The expansion will release this fall for free for everyone who owns the game as well as a FREE Trial for Fallout 76 starting this week before ending with the reveal of an all new game mode: Nuclear Winter a 52 player battle royale mode….erm ok.

Next up, we have developers from Tango Gameworks. to talk about Ghostwire: Tokyo, a newly announced action adventure game from the Japanese Developer but no release date.

The first of the “True Bethesda Fans” video is being played, but have to be honest that this feels less celebratory of the fans and more damage control from the damage done by Fallout 76 to try and paint Bethesda as that fan focused publisher…..I do not think these videos are enough to undo that!

Time for some Elder Scrolls Online information now with the world premier of a new trailer for the next expansion “Elsweyr” which is very cinematic with the promise of more to be shown at Quakecon later this year. The audience is either really passionate about TES Online or very, very try-hard in their reactions and if it all feels a little false….normally I am very optimistic, believe me!

Bethesda then reveal their “Saturday morning kids TV” inspired Mobile game….Commander Keen, coming to iOS and Android devices to “soft” launch this summer.

Which is then followed up by yet another mobile game in “The Elder Scrolls Legends”…a card based game and it is out, now with a new expansion out later this year.

RAGE 2 is kicking off the first of its promised Community events now with new content and a tease for the “Rise of the Ghosts” expansion featuring a new faction not to mention new vehicles including a portable mech suit, new game modes and weapons. This is what RAGE 2 needed!

Wolfenstein is up next as ‘Wolfenstein Cyber Pilot” a VR game will be available in July but the main interest for me is ‘Wolfenstein: Young Blood’ , releasing this summer with a co-op experience set two decades after the last game as BJ Blaskowich has gone missing and his kids are going to go find Daddy, the game will release on July 26th 2019!

Arkane Lyon devs have taken to the stage to reveal a brand new action game, ‘Deathloop’ that from the trailer has been inspired by Dishonored and Prey to a degree. “DEATHLOOP” transports players to the lawless island of Blackreef in an eternal struggle between two extraordinary assassins. Explore stunning environments and meticulously designed levels in an immersive gameplay experience that lets you approach every situation any way you like. Hunt down targets all over the island in an effort to put an end to the cycle once and for all, and remember, if at first you don’t succeed… die, die again.

Some self back patting time now as they look back at what they say Bethesda did before anyone else, and now they are introducing ‘ORION’, a system to help enhance game performance over Cloud Streaming services like Stadia from Google and Microsoft X Cloud announced during the Xbox Briefing earlier tonight. To demonstrate this, they are showing ORION playing DOOM 2016 to a mobile phone running at 60fps and offering the chance to test this service from tonight for signing up to the Doom Slayers Club.

Time now for the real DOOM news fans have been waiting for, a look at DOOM Eternal, with a release date of November 22nd 2019. DOOM Eternal puts you in control of the DOOM Slayer as you blow apart new and classic demons with powerful weapons in unbelievable and never-before-seen worlds. Experience the ultimate combination of speed and power as you rip-and-tear your way across dimensions with the next leap in push-forward, first-person combat.

Now a look at the MP mode for Eternal called “Battlemode” which will put Demons against the Slayer in a brand-new 2 versus 1 multiplayer experience built from the ground up at id Software. A fully-armed DOOM Slayer faces off against two player-controlled demons, duking it out over three rounds of intense first-person combat but more will be shown at Quakecon later this year, so this is more of a tease showcase then a big E3 reveal it all showcase…fair enough.

Peter Hines takes to the stage to thank all the teams and the presenters for their efforts tonight and in the past year but also to announce a special event to celebrate the 25th anniversary of Doom at Quakecon this year….and that is all folks!

My Thoughts….

Yup…so no Starfield and nothing on the follow up to Skyrim with TES: VI……just a bunch of mobile games, PR spinning for Fallout 76, some really forced “look our fans do really love us” and only one real surprise in Deathloop but apart from that, it was a very bog standard and bland showcase. RAGE 2 new content looks fun and Wolfenstein: Youngblood and DOOM Eternal look great but that was a very subdued and underwhelming showcase which really only served as a teaser for Quakecon.

Bethesda has had it rough due to Fallout 76 and the catastrophe that it was and much of this event was clearly designed to look apologetic and taken ownership of that but the whole fan videos about why they loved Bethesda felt very cringe and in poor taste especially with the recent IGN interview with Todd Howard who I think we have to say, said very little and on stage far less than previous E3 showcases.

A pretty routine “this is what is releasing next 5 months” kind of show….I did not expect much from it but I did expect to see at least something for Starfield and the next main Elder Scrolls game so can only guess they are clearly not ready or being saved for Quakecon or next year’s E3 with Xbox Project Scarlet and the PS5 coming out in 2020.