Tech Digital Home Hive launches New Security Packs to give you peace...

Hive launches New Security Packs to give you peace of mind


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Hive, the smart home provider has launched some product packs to meet your security needs and facilitate the process for those who want to set up or build on their smart home ecosystem.

You can now choose an Outdoor Pack, Indoor Pack, or Mixed Pack of smart home products to offer you some peace of mind when you are away.

Outdoor Pack

Indoor Pack


Mixed Pack

The packs include a mix of sensors, lights, camera and Hub to secure your home. All the devices in your security pack work together seamlessly, so when the camera spots someone, the outdoor light turns on creating a deterrent for opportunistic burglars. Additionally, users can make it look like someone’s home with Mimic mode, turning Hive lights on and off in a random pattern meaning the house appears occupied.

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