Tech Android From Fire and Ice the Doogee S40 is here...

From Fire and Ice the Doogee S40 is here to save you


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DOOGEE  has announced the launch of the latest rugged phone in its S-Series range, the DOOGEE S40. The S40, nicknamed the “Rock Solid Explorer”, is just that thanks to its reinforced metal frame, superior TPU corners and cover allowing it to survive multiple drops, extreme temperatures and water damage like Fire and Ice.

The Doogee S40 is currently available for $99.99/ Approx £80 on Ali Express and the DOOGEE website with Amazon to follow soon.

The S40 has been designed using best in class materials allowing it to survive all kinds of tests and for the most adventurous users. This includes being dropped 20,000 times on six sides in a micro drop test and from 1.21 metres from 26 different angles. Additionally, the S40 can survive up to four hours at 60°C and 24 hours at -30°C as well as being 99 per cent dustproof, IP69K, high water pressure protected  (100 bar high water pressure, 80°C) and waterproof (IP68) up to 1.5 metres.

The S40 is no slouch in performance terms either. The device is driven by a power efficient quad-core CPU, MT6739 and runs at lightning speed with worry-free multitasking performance. It also features a huge 4650mAh capacity battery with AI power allocation allowing the phone to last up to 21 days in standby mode, 105 hours whilst web browsing and 33 hours on calls.

Using the latest Android™ 9.0 Pie, the S40 is smarter and faster with an AI system that analyses the app usage frequency to optimise battery power allocation and predict the users next action to ensure the battery lasts as long as possible.

The S40 has also been designed to look good with an outstanding 5.5’’ IPS screen and slimmer and smoother Gorilla® glass, delivering an extraordinary immersive vision feast. The phone boasts 8+5MP rear cameras with LED Flash, 80° wide-angle, Beauty, Bokeh, Mono, Night and Professional shooting functions ensuring photos are of fantastic quality. The security options include fingerprint unlocking and face recognition that work in unison whilst the built-in near field communication (NFC) feature allows users to lead a smart lifestyle with payment, ticketing, data transfer and information reading. 

As well as being one of the toughest phones on the market, the S40 further enhances its outdoor credentials with three pinpoint GPS navigation systems included allowing for extremely accurate positioning if the user is ever away from civilization.

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