All gamers will dread that moment that their prize gaming controller fails or breaks which in my case just happens to be the right bumper on the Xbox One wireless controller failing on me twice now on two different ‘Ocean Shadow’ LE Controllers. The most recent time was actually LIVE on stream as I was playing Devil May Cry 5 when the bumper button failed on me yet again. Reality means I could not afford to drop another £50 on a new controller but also needed to continue gaming. The only option, to opt for the far cheaper wired controller which a good friend purchased as a gift for me and I was completely taken by surprise by just how good the Power A Enhanced Wired controller actually is!

The first thing I need to say is just how gorgeous the ‘Cosmos Nebula’ version of the controller is as it moves from metallic blue to purple as you move the controller, it has a really great visual impact as the light hits it, making it a very good-looking controller indeed. Next is just how light this officially licensed from Microsoft controller is, it looks and performs no different from the standard wireless controller except that the battery compartment is removed as well as the wireless components.


Instead this is a wired controller, that must be plugged into the console directly, which is not a problem really as it comes with a sturdy 3M cable which can plug into the front of the Xbox One S/X console’s USB ports or on the left side if you have the original Xbox One console. When plugged in, the controller’s central Guide button does not light up, but instead has a white LED dot just under it to show that it is powered up and connected. Being so light and connected to the console itself gave me real nostalgia vibes of how I used to play on the PS2 and original Xbox console back in the day with wired controllers but despite being so light, this is still a very solid and well-built controller in your hands.So let’s take a look at the Key Features of this controller:

  • Advanced Gaming Buttons
  • Unique Cosmos Nebula design
  • Officially licensed for Xbox One
  • Dual rumble motors3.5mm stereo headset jack
  • Removable 9.8ft (3m) USB cable
  • 2-year limited warranty

The surprise came with the advanced and programmable buttons that sit just on the hand grips on the back of the controller. By pressing the middle button on the back, the LED on the controller will flash to indicate that it is now in ‘Assign’ mode. Simply press the button you would like to assign to either of the advanced gaming buttons on the grips then the ‘AG’ button you want to use and then the LED light will stop to show it has been programmed. The memory will also hold this assignment even if the controller is not powered and to reset you simply repeat the above by holding the middle button, wait for the LED light to flash then press the original button that you wanted to remap and its done.

This is quite a handy feature to have and all buttons can be assigned including the Right or Left stick clicks, so to have it on a controller that is the cheapest option to have is very unique. That said, due to the nature of this being a cheap alternative, I did find that the guide button was a little clunky to use, with it often bringing up the power console down option instead of simply bringing up the guide bar as is the D-Pad. But these are simply niggles and overall this is a very well made controller with astonishingly good rumble packs inside, so good that I had to turn down the vibration setting whilst playing Anthem due to the impact the rumbling was having on my hands, no doubt due to the lighter weight of the controller compared to the standard Wireless one.

The Power A Enhanced Wired Controller also comes in different styles and colours and prices range accordingly with the cheapest I found being just £18.99 to the highest being £24.99 at most retailers. This controller really makes a great back up controller if like me, your main controller happens to fail on you and being so cheap I would recommend it if you have a younger gamer who may not be able to handle the heavier wireless controller or just to protect your precious controller from being dropped or mishandled by a younger gamer (or if you happen to know a very rageful FIFA playing gamer).

Final Thoughts

Though I will be putting my pennies aside to pick up a new wireless controller, this will certainly do the job until then and most definitely will serve as a great back up. But this controller looks and feels so good that honestly, I am in no rush to replace it just yet and actually considering grabbing another one as an extra backup. Being connected to the console is not as much of a nuisance as you might expect with the 3M cable offering enough distance for me, but this will depend on how your console is placed to where you sit.

This is a controller definitely worth considering with great performance across all the game genres I play and at a price point and build quality that just cannot be ignored and will work on Xbox One consoles and Windows 10 PC.

For more information on the controller and retailers check the official site here: Power A