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Honor Announces Honor Gaming + at MWC19


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HONOR, has unveiled the revolutionary HONOR Gaming+ at MWC (Mobile World Congress) 2019. HONOR Gaming+ consists of a series of technology updates to significantly increase the performance, graphics quality and image definition of the HONOR View20 mobile gaming experience. HONOR has also announced a variety of new applications that utilise the 3D TOF camera and open up a new era of AR, as well as the newly available HONOR Guard Fortnite skin for HONOR View20 users.

Michael Pan, President of HONOR Western Europe, said: “We’re pleased that our latest handset, the HONOR View20, has already reached 1.5 million sales. The new HONOR Gaming+ technology will further enhance the HONOR View20 mobile gaming experience. Together with the TOF 3D camera applications and the new Fortnite skin, HONOR is offering users a unique smartphone experience and moving HONOR one step closer to its goal of becoming one of the top five global smartphone brands in the next three years.”

HONOR Gaming+ offers gamers more fun

The HONOR View20 smartphone was unveiled in Paris last month with five world-first features, including: 48MP smartphone camera, 25MP in-screen front camera, 7nm Kirin 980 AI chipset, AI Triple-Antenna Wi-Fi technology, and aurora nanotexture design. HONOR Gaming+ improves the gaming experience by upgrading the device’s GPU efficiency, GPU load optimisation, high definition, and AI loading prediction technology. These advances elevate the HONOR View20 to the highest level of mobile gaming performance.

The brand-new Gaming+ improves SOC energy efficiency by 20.34%1. The Mali-G76 GPU chipset includes transform optimisation, which enhances job scheduling and parallel computing. This reduces duplicate instructions and GPU overdraws, as well as increases the data transfer speed between CPU, GPU and memory. In addition, the GPU works seamlessly with the innovative AI frequency modulation scheduling technology to predict task loads by monitoring frame rate per second (fps), image quality and touchscreen inputs in real time, and intelligently identifies performance bottlenecks.

For gaming, the new AI technology improves the load prediction accuracy of each frame by more than 30% compared to traditional methods. Another key feature is the GPU optimisation, which enhances image quality and reduces power consumption. The upgrade also brings high definition capability to gaming, achieving better contrast, higher brightness levels and a wider colour palette.

As a result of the upgrade, the Fortnite Vulkan version can also be supported on the HONOR View20, bringing gamers a faster and smoother experience. In addition, popular mobile games such as QQ Speed and Arena of Valor have also been optimised to support the high definition feature, offering greater clarity and detail to the gaming experience.

In celebration of the launch of the HONOR View20, HONOR is collaborating with Epic Games to push the mobile gaming experience of Fortnite to new heights. As part of this collaboration, owners of the HONOR View20 will have exclusive access to the Fortnite HONOR Guard outfit. HONOR View20 users are now able to redeem the exclusive outfit at

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