Tech Android CBeebies launches Go Explore app for little ones

CBeebies launches Go Explore app for little ones


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Children can learn and discover with their favourite CBeebies characters in a new app, Go Explore, launching in app stores today on Apple, Android and Amazon devices. CBeebies Go Explore is packed with fun games linked to the curriculum, featuring Go Jetters, Hey Duggee and The Furchester Hotel, helping little ones to develop life skills and preparing them for primary school and beyond.


Set in a magical garden that encourages children to be curious, they can tap away to unearth some of its secrets – including musical butterflies, a squelchy muddy puddle and a hidden underwater area. From here, children can access all of the games as well as an outdoor cinema, which plays a range of short videos from CBeebies. These videos include the likes of Sing with CBeebies, Andy’s Safari songs and Go Jetters Funky Facts.


The games draw on the UK Early Years Foundation Stage (EYFS) curriculum and playfully introduce topics like making good health and self-care choices, recognising and using shapes and exploring different habitats. At launch, there are three games with more to be added in future. These include:

Go Jetters – Glitch Switch: Grandmaster Glitch is creating his very own safari park but has mixed some things up. Little ones can help the Go Jetters put things right by travelling across arctic, desert, wetland and forest habitats, finding objects and animals in the wrong place and returning them to where they belong. EYFS curriculum area: understanding the world.

Hey Duggee – Party Time: Duggee is having a garden party and everyone’s invited! Children can help the squirrels get ready for the party and join them in the party games. Activities include building the vehicles to get the squirrels to the party, helping Duggee find the right shape balloons, and design a cake with a variety of shaped decorations. EYFS curriculum area: mathematics – shape, space and measure.

The Furchester Hotel – Another Happy Guest: It’s another busy day at The Furchester Hotel and Phoebe needs help keeping all the guests safe, healthy and happy. Through lots of mini-games, little ones can help the guests do some stretching, create well-balanced meals, choose the right clothes for different weather conditions, and more. EYFS curriculum area: physical development – health and self-care.

Parents can also get involved through a den area in the app, allowing them to see which games their children are playing. This gives parents an overview of what their children are interested in, enabling them to talk to their little ones about the experiences and skills they are learning. The den also includes information on how each game is linked to the curriculum.

Cheryl Taylor, Head of Content, BBC Childrens, said: “CBeebies Go Explore is a wonderful way for children to have fun with their favourite CBeebies characters and pick up important skills. Parents have told us they want their children to learn soft skills so they can better deal with the world they’re discovering. And we know parents also want their children to learn skills that help prepare them for school and beyond. CBeebies Go Explore aims to help in both of those areas in a really fun way – built around children’s curiosity and zest for discovering new things.”


Jenny Chapman, Senior Product Manager, BBC Design & Engineering, said: “Go Explore is the latest in our range of four CBeebies apps for parents and children. We wanted to create world-class public service apps based on young children’s main areas of interest: playing, creativity, reading and stories, and pre-school learning. It’s a fantastic addition to join CBeebies Playtime Island, Storytime and Get Creative, and we hope parents and little ones will enjoy exploring with some of their favourite CBeebies characters.”


Go Explore and the three games were developed by BBC Childrens, Aardman Animations, Complete Control and Mobile Pie. BBC Children’s also worked with educational consultants to ensure that gameplay covers key learning from the UK Early Years Foundation Stage curriculum. It follows on from the BBC’s biggest investment in children’s content and services in a generation.

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